Battery Replacment and now will not boot. Everthing done correctly

I did the Ifix it replacement of the battery in the 2017 Retina Touchbar. Pretty simple. Put it back together and no power even when plugged into the power supply. Will not boot. I checked the DC + - on the replacement battery and it reads Zero. The stock battery, that was replaced, has a voltage there. I’m pretty tech savvy and know how to be cautious when doing things like this and have done tons of repairs like this before. I’m leaning towards the replacement being bad as it shows zero voltage, although I may be missing part of the equation on something this complicated.

Any Ideas?

Update (02/24/2021)

After further troubleshooting, I’m convinced it’s the IFIX it new battery.

Disconnecting the spring battery connection from the macbook to the new battery circuit board (above the pack) it boots from the AC adapter.

Now, as soon as I reconnect the spring battery connection, it will not boot. Additionally, when booted off the power adapter and no battery connected via the spring connection…. If I close the connection of the battery to the macbook (push the spring connection down)

Block Image

it immediately shuts down the macbook and turns it into a MacBookEnd. So, I’m 96% convinced it’s the Ifix it new battery.

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Do you hear anything when connecting the charger? Does the CAPS lock key light up? Is the machine able to power on with the battery disconnected and a charger connected? Have you tried an SMC reset?


No sound when connecting. Caps lock does NOT light up. Will not power with just charger connected. Did an SMC reset. Dead as a rock. No signs of life.


Hmm, as far as I know these models should be able to power on with the battery disconnected and a charger attached. It sounds like one of two things - either the replacement battery is bad and has caused a subtle problem after being installed, or a component was damaged during installation. Since this repair requires logic board removal it's possible there may have been damage to the logic board. This could be as subtle as damage due to ESD.


Actually, it does not require the logic board removal. Check out the tutorials on YouTube. They all stop at step 23 and go on to remove the battery. There is no reason I can find (or anyone else) to remove the logic board. You do have to remove the track pad. Only 3 cables are disconnected. The battery Zif lead (which is replaced with the new battery), The battery + _ connector spring cap and the Trackpad.


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