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Released November 2020, the PS5 console features vastly upgraded visuals and an innovative new Dualsense controller. The space-age black-and-white color scheme is a noticeable departure from PlayStation designs of the past.

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My ps5 trips my breaker in every room

So when I turn on my ps5 it will come on and run fine till I start play any game I.e. call of duty it will load up get to the start screen and just trip the breaker. It will work at random times and sometimes won’t even let me play it can go for as long as 5 hrs to as short as 1 minute before it trips there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it and I’ve never had any problem in this room till now but now the ps4 pro I’ve been storing is doing the same thing but the constant is call of duty and PlayStation. Please can anyone help. I’ve had an electrician come and he said it’s pretty sure not the wiring

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Same issue here, it’s driving me nuts. I have a series x and it has never done this once.


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While Hamdi's response is very useful, the PS5 is only rated to draw >2A at full power (201W). Most residential circuits have 15A breakers, however many home builders skimp on wiring and run one large circuit for multiple rooms, which is OK for code but considered bad practice. When the breaker pops, see what other devices lose power and check their wattage to get the amperage (W / V = A). If possible, try to locate a separate circuit for some appliances or devices, or call an electrician to re-wire the room so it has it's own circuit for wall outlets.

Another possibility is that the breakers are simply getting worn out. Old breakers trip easier than their rating, eventually they will get to a point where they cannot be reset.

Most breakers operate as thermal switches. There is a bimetallic strip which the current flows through, but if you try to pull more amperage than the rating, the metal will get hot and deform, allowing the spring-loaded switch to slam to the OFF position. Over time the constant expansion and contraction within the switch fatigues the mechanical components and prevents the switch from latching into the ON position.

There are more expensive breakers that operate using electromagnets instead, which makes them more durable. In this case, drawing more current through the breaker increases the strength of the electromagnet until it is able to pull the latch, causing the breaker to trip.

Example: I have a portable AC unit that will trip the breaker in my den. I discovered the nearby bathroom has it's own circuit, but the den shares with 2 other rooms and the garage.. So purchased a 30', 20A appliance extension and ran it to the bathroom that had it's own circuit. The AC unit draws 11A, 13A Peak, but never trips the breaker anymore.

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Hello, when you launch a high demanding resources game, the CPU and GPU will run on low power during startup and loading screen but when the game starts, they switch to full power mode very quickly and breakers doesn’t like that very much especially in countries with 120V.

The CPU and GPU can work at low power depending on the game, that’s why you can play for 5 hours without a problem but sometimes some location in the game needs to be rendered more than others which means the PS5 will consume more power during that and eventually trigging the breaker.

The only solution is to change the breaker and to make sure that the house wiring is rated to handle the right amount of current otherwise you can melt the wires or set your home on fire.

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If I put the same size breaker same part number would that really make a difference?


In my country and in my home the breaker that the Ps5 and Shadow of War game keep tripping is 20 amp and 120v. I definitely don't want to burn my house down and I can't afford an electrician. So you see I really need your assistance. Thanks for your time and patience.


If you increase the breaker's amperage, you might exceed the maximum amperage of the wires in the wall. This would create a fire hazard. Start with trying a new breaker of the same rating, as the original could be worn out.


@vertinhol not sure where you got your information from. The PS5 PSU has a max power rating of 350W and 203W consumption during gaming (maximum found to date). So it'll draw 1.5 amp in 240V countries and 3A in 120V countries. There is no way it'll pop a 20A circuit breaker. Hunter Barth, since it does it with your PS5 and your PS4, change the outlet and check the wiring to the outlet. Plug something else into the same outlet and see if that pops the breaker as well. Hair Dryers have more consumption than your PS4/5 See what happens


I have narrowed it down to arc fault circuit breakers. These are designed to sense any arcing and trip. They are normally required in areas such as living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. Our play station will trip any arc fault circuit breaker that we put it on. There is no problem whatsoever on a non-arc fault breakers.


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