Why does my ps5 beep 3 times when turning on?

Occasionally when I turn my ps5 on it does the initial beep sound it does for the power on, and then a few seconds later it’ll beep 3 quick times in a row, exactly like it does if you press the eject button and there’s no disc. That’s not what I’m doing however, I turn it on with the controller and it beeps 3 times. Don’t know what this means, I don’t get any error messages or anything. Anyone have any advice?

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Same issue. Then it functions fine. Plugged into surge protector power bar


This is EXACTLY why I returned my console to best buy, never used rest mode, it would turn on, beep once, then make 3 consecutive beeps, for no reason, contacted sony, they had no clue why, asked online, no clue, so I just said F it and gave it back to best buy didnt want to risk it getting worse


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