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There are seven different models within the HP Envy 15-k series. The HP Envy lineup is represented with a total of 13 different models. The 15-k series includes models 15-k000 15-k099.

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Are Envy 15-K and 17-K touchpads the same?

I have to replace a touchpad in an Envy 17-K, but am having trouble finding the part. The manual actually lists the 15-K and 17-K as having different part numbers, but they definitely look the same in pictures. If anyone has any experience with it personally, would love to hear from you. Thanks!

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Hi @averyfreeman ,

I have no personal experience with either laptop but given the top cover assembly (Item #2 in the parts list as shown in the maintenance and service guide) into which the touchpad fits also has different part numbers even between the 15K and 17K models which share the same description i.e. country specification and backlit keyboard, a 15K touchpad may not even physically fit properly into a 17K top cover assembly.

Usually manufacturers don’t assign different part numbers for no good reason whereas they can and do use the same part across different models, so there most probably is a difference, but maybe just not discernible to the eye. For example there could be wiring differences in the touchpad circuit or connection to the motherboard.

It may be that they’re interchangeable but perhaps it is better sticking with the correct part number rather than risk causing damage to either the motherboard or the touchpad by installing the incorrect part just on the off chance that they are. Just my view.

If you search online by using the part number only there are a few suppliers but maybe they’re not suitable for you.

Here are two suppliers with stock: supplier 1, supplier 2

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Thanks for your response

Yep, that's exactly what I was trying to clear up - as I said, "The manual actually lists the 15-K and 17-K as having different part numbers, but they definitely look the same in pictures." I agree that looking at pictures is no sure way to identify whether or not they will fit in a slightly different laptop.

Unfortunately, I didn't mention in the OP that they also have the same manufacturer part number on the back: Synaptics TM2960 920-002748-02RevA.

So I ordered a touchpad for an HP Envy x360 15-n with the same mfg PN. and it's exactly the same size, hole position, touchpad hardware revision. Same mfg PN: TM2960 920-002748-02RevA. Look in the x360 15-n HMM and, lo and behold, it has yet another HP part number: L20095-001.

So I'm convinced at this point that HP just arbitrarily gives each part a different number. I agree with your logic, it doesn't make sense that they would do that if they want to re-use certain components, but I'm seeing some logic-defying evidence



Thanks for the reply. As long as it works OK then there must be some reason known only to HP for doing it this way

FYI I have reopened your comment that the ifixit iRobot had deleted and restored your lost rep points.

It sometimes thinks that long parts number strings are phone numbers and therefore spam and deletes the comment/answer /question but at least it will now know as it "remembers" when a post has been deleted because it thought it was spam and then reopened and won't do it next time or at least this is what the developers of the Dozuki (ifixit) software have told me



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