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An 11.6-inch laptop tested with Windows 10 Home, Intel Celeron, Word processor, 4GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics, and a 32GB solid state drive.

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I dont have this exact model but- I just bought it and its so slow

I just bought the HP stream 11.6 Refurbished that I think came out in around 2019 but this was the only model I could find closest on here, anyways I just bought it the day after Christmas and it came Jan 3rd.. It came with windows S mode but I removed it, I downloaded Roblox, steam, Geometry dash and (witch I bought on steam) but its so slow Roblox is so laggy with a lot of games its un-playable and geometry dash runs well every once and a while.. I dont know what to do I really want the laptop to be able to run so I dont have to return it and buy another better laptop but I dont know, Im good at fixing things such as phones laptops, so Im wondering if It would be able to help it, but I dont know what to do and I really want to be able to use this laptop to my expectations so if anyone knows what I should be please, and thanks

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Hi @xcooki ,

What is the full model number of the laptop so that the system specifications can be checked to see that it is adequate for what you need or want to do?


@jayeff HP stream 11.6 11-ak0020nr


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I have had to work with a number of these Stream laptops spanning across multiple models. The guts are different across them but they all have one thing in common: they are pretty underwhelming in the processing power department.

HP really designed this lineup to do basic tasks like web browsing, word processing, and streaming some video (although not at super high resolutions). This means that unfortunately 3D applications like Roblox do not run well and some simpler games such as Geometry Dash can still struggle depending on what is running in the background.

With some laptops you are able to upgrade them to handle workloads like this better, but on every Stream I have worked on the CPU, RAM, and storage have all been soldered to the motherboard with no upgraded boards available. There is a chance yours may be different and I could confirm this if you gave the exact model number listed on the bottom of the laptop (and in the bios if you can’t read the bottom, they sometimes use hard-to-read colors), but chances are it will not be upgradable. If this is the case, the only real option I see here is to send it back and try to find something with a little more grunt to it.

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I wouldn't even tell someone who just does basic tasks to buy them. Even a i3 WM 15" HP is preferable. The ideal version to get is the i5, but even the i3's eat these alive.


The exact model of my laptop is HP stream 11.6 11-ak0020nr


@xcooki I checked the service manual - soldered :-(.

Every time with these things... S Mode would have gotten old very quickly as well; it was best killed.


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this laptop looks more like a chrome book, very basic for web browsing and word processing.

Compare it’s score to others here.

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These are designed for grandma and high school kids as far as I’m concerned - and you need to be a very average high school student to not have an issue living with it. There is also no modularity of the RAM (2-4GB, usually 2GB) or 32GB of eMMC (Microsoft imposed for the free license HP takes advantage of). Do not buy one if you keep your laptops for the long haul, or expect a lot! There’s nothing you can do to make them less horrible to use, sadly.

Back in high school I had a Asus X53E with a i5-2450M CPU and that would still run circles around these today with a good SSD, 8GB of RAM and Windows 10 - even though I moved on from Sandy Bridge and focus on Haswell as the minimum baseline for new rebuilds. Personally I usually buy secondhand business laptops that need some work and I’ve been way happier with machines like my E6440 - the aged wonderfully well in comparison, even if the batteries age like crap.


Block Image

Block Image

The service manual doesn’t lie - the RAM and SSD are soldered.

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Hi @xcooki

Looking at the specifications for the laptop it has a Intel® Celeron® N4000 CPU.

Also the maintenance and service guide for your model laptop, taken from this webpage shows that it can either have 2GB or 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of storage.

The laptop harfware cannot be upgraded to improve performance as the CPU, the amount of memory and storage is fixed because it is all hard mounted on the systemboard. (see p.14).

The only way to improve performance by hardware is to change the systemboard if your systemboard doesn’t have the best and maximum allowed i.e. Atom X5 E8000 CPU see performance vs Celeron N4000, 4GB of ram and 64GB storage.

Roblox doesn’t state the minimum system requirements to effectively run the program, but Steam recommends a minimum of 8GB of ram, and Geometry Dash will work but maybe not when on Steam

As a workaround you can increase storage in a roundabout way by inserting the largest capacity micro SD card that you want into the card reader and leaving it permanently in there and configuring it as a 2nd storage drive by moving the user folders to the SD card and only having the Win 10 OS and any additional programs on the internal storage.

There are good and bad points if you want to do this:


increased storage capacity

speed of SD card is nearly the same as internal storage so no lag when accessing it.

personal data can easily be retrieved if motherboard fails so regular backups not required. Simply remove the card and insert in another card reader connected to a computer (see bad point)

Unobtrusive so will not get in the way as it doesn’t protrude from the laptop.


Easily removed so that it can be taken by anyone if laptop left unattended

Have to always unmount and remove the SD card when the card reader is wanted for another use e.g. download pictures from a camera’s SD card


Software alterations may help to overcome performance issues somewhat though.

With the laptop just “idling” i.e. no programs or windows opened, right click on the Taskbar and then click on Task Manager

When in Task Manager go to Performance > Memory and on the right side of the page it should show how much ram is installed. This is just a quick way to see what is installed.

Next go to Task Manager > Startup and check what programs are being loaded when Windows is starting which may be using system resources unnecessarily. Some programs are necessary for correct operation but some aren’t. They are just loaded to speed things up so they open faster if and when you need to use them. If you don’t know what they are for Google the name to find out what they do.

You can disable then from being loaded and using resources by simply right click on the program and select disable and restart the laptop and check if it is better or not. If disabling causes problems, go back and right click on the program entry in Startup and select enable and restart the laptop in the normal way.

If this doesn’t help then check in Task Manager > Processes > Memory or Processes > CPU to see which process is using the most system requirements at the time and why it is doing this if the system is idling. Again it may be necessary but maybe not

Have noticed in the specifications that McAfee anti virus is provided with the laptop. It may be that if it is enabled that it is using a lot of resources and perhaps it may be better to disable it and using the inbuilt Windows Security options i.e. Windows Defender.

In the end it may be that the laptop hasn’t got the hardware requirements to meet your needs and it cannot be upgraded to do so.

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You can't save these, as much as you wish it can be done. All of these low ends end up like this 18 months in, and being borderline unusable 24 months in. These are born as future eWaste.

They are a disposable affair. Buy one every year for Office 365 and dump when it's going to expire at the same time it's starting to age because the freaking PCs aren't much more then the license. That's why they flood the secondhand market. Better off investing in a better machine that will last.



Fair enough but how do you politely tell someone that they should have done their research first e.g. hardware specifications, suitability for intended use and upgradability or to ask someone they know, who knows and that they trust and not just to look at the price point before buying the laptop?

Caveat emptor - nothing much has changed in ~2000 years it seems



@jayeff This isn't my first run-in with these things either. You don't see it often but every time you do someone bought it used, or an old model on sale. Some had it when it was new and it's just aged badly.

They may have even pulled the Office 365 incentive as well, so there's less to see as a thing that works in their favor. I still see it but it's not as common.

Before this whole Microsoft 365 it was there consistently. Now some like the newer Stream devices (within the past few years it seems!) come with 1 month free. Maybe the sales will drop off since there is fewer reasons to buy one, or they changed the deal and you're done after buying the first one. The license was about as much the computer, so you used it until it was unusable and then dumped it.

After Covid there's going to be a flood of them on the market worse then usual.


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