Help phone completely dead after new battery.

Just installed a new battery with the fixit kit. Everything went smooth with the exception of getting the old battery out, the glue strips broke and I had to use the plastic tool to lift up the battery and pull at the glue with the tweezers. After that everything seemed to go back together fine. All screws were sorted by position by drawing the metal plates on a pice of tape, putting the tape over a magnet, and putting the screws on the drawing to be held there until re assembly. after reassembly nothing, no reaction from the phone at all. Tried hard reset. Tried unplugging , replugging battery. Tried unplugging battery, double checking all connectors to the screen were secure, then replugging battery. Tried the home and power button for 20 seconds again. Can’t figure out were I went wrong. Help!

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Forgot to mention, I connected it to a charger to look for a reaction, also connected it via my mac mini to see it the mac mini could “see” the phone. it could not.


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