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Hisense 58H6550E red light on with black screen

I have a Hisense 58H6550E smart TV, and about a week ago the screen went black. Originally, when I unplugged it and plugged it back in, the red light would come on, and once I pressed the power button the red light would turn off and stay off. If I pressed the power button again it would remain off until I unplugged it again and plugged it back in. I saw on a forum that this might mean the main board was bad, so I purchased a new main board and installed it, and now the problem is slightly different. Now when I plug it in, the red light still comes on, but when I press the power button the red light goes off for 3 seconds and then comes back on. There is still zero picture and zero audio. I’m not sure if this means the new main board I purchased is also defective, or if the issue is something else entirely. Does this sound like it’s actually a main board issue? And if it might be something else, what steps could I take to diagnose the issue?

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Don't know the TV but it sounds like a power board problem.

With most TVs when power is connected to the TV and a red standby LED glows to indicate to the user that the TV has power. This light is turned on by the mainboard because it has received a voltage signal from the power board that power is available.

Usually when the user presses the Power On button on the TV (or remote), the mainboard then signals the power board to turn full on (it has only been in standby mode up until this point and is not supplying all the necessary power that is required) and the mainboard changes the colour of the red LED to another colour (blue or green?) to indicate that the TV is now on and not in a standby state.

Since you have changed the mainboard and are still not getting a picture or audio it may be that the TV is not even powering on correctly.

Have you checked the power board for any obvious component damage e.g. heat stressed components or bulging or blown capacitors?

Just my take on this.


Thank you!!! I did check for bulging capacitors and everything looked intact, nothing is bulging or blown. This did initially occur when I was changing inputs on my TV, is it possible that a shock could’ve come through the HDMI input and fried something inside (which is what made me initially think it might be the main board) or was that most likely just a coincidence?


Hi Scott, I’ve got the same problem with the same TV. What was your solution? Did a new power board solve it for you?


I too am having this problem. Replacing the boards did not correct the issue.


Same here replaced all boards except the backlights which may be the issue...don’t know!!!


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@Scott Sterner

Usually it is not a good idea to unplug or plug in HDMI cables with the device(s) at either end, still turned on or even powered on as this can damage the HDMI controller in the device.

Having said that faulty HDMI controllers shouldn't prevent the TV from starting either unless it also managed to damage the power feed which supplies the controller but which also "may", (stress may only as I don't know the TV) feed other circuits as well.

It may well be that you have what is known as a "double header" i.e. 2 faults. One in the mainboard and one in the power board.

This is only a guess on my part but since you have replaced the mainboard depending on the cost maybe try changing the power board and check. Try to find a supplier that accepts returns in case it isn't the problem.

if it does work then you won't know whether it was only the power board or both but it may not be wise to try the old mainboard again in case it now damages the replacement power board because it was also faulty

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Ok, I had the 2nd problem explained in here (turn the power on, the red LED light goes off for 3 seconds, then comes back on). Based on the research i made on this from this forum, Reddit and YouTube, i came to the conclusion it was the LED backlights. I found this video with step by step instructions on a similar TV and decided to go for it. Bought the LED backlights from Shopjimmy and bought the suction cups as well.

Just finished the job and IT WORKED! The video i followed was EXACTLY the same steps so i highly recommend it. Take your time and you can get it done. If you don't have a multimeter, I suggest you get one and test the power to the LEDs as shown in the video to ensure that's what you need to do. You won't need the LED tester.


thnaks so we can do it on our own can u send the video please


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I have the exact TV with the same exact problem: Red power LED lights up but no image. Press on led power button, it blinks then it comes back but no image. I can see the HISENSE dimly lit if I use a flashlight.

I bought the LED strips from and I tried the the fix as shown here and IT WORKED!

It looks a lot worse than what it is. I did buy the suction cups from as well (even though the guy in the video didn't like them) because it was convenient. I was just really careful with that.

It would be a good idea to have someone help when removing the screen. Otherwise, this is a one-man job. I don't have any experience doing this but I do like to tinker with stuff, and I was able to do this in about 2 hours.

Hope it helps!

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Javier Guzman that is awesome. Glad you got it fixed. Did you take lots of pictures? Any chance you can make a guide for the rest of us?


same thing has happen to my tv the power button comes on red but no pix and sound but i found out tht it is the lights on the tv tht is gone but to fix it is 2800r which is too much can u send tht video where we can do it our slef please


can url help


I need the video to replace back light


I linked it to my post above. here you go:


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