Adhesive question - Back Glass loose / causing battery reading issues

A while ago i noticed the back plate glass coming loose at the top of my Google Pixel 4 XL. I always keep my devices protected from day 1 with strong cases and screen protectors. I did contact Google Customer service but all they could do was ask me to send it in for a refurbished replacement. In my experience, refurbs can be hit or miss. I tried to solve the problem myself but the 1mm double sided tape doesnt seem to be doing the job.

Now, i am having battery calibration errors. It reads 50% and wont budge, ive gone through multiple ways of recalibrating like factory reset, discharge to 0% and recharge to 100%. That worked for a day until i realized the actual problem. Upon doing research it seems that “fix” is to squeeze to the right of the G logo on the back, apparently the battery cable is there and when firmly pressed resolves the battery reading error.

I want to completely remove the back, clean it up very well, disconnect the battery and look for any irregularities, make sure the connection is solid and reglue/tape the backplate on securely.

Im reluctant to use the 1mm double sided tape again as it doesnt seem to work that well. I see iFixit offers Tesa tape which is probably higher quality than the stuff i got from China a number of years ago.

Sorry for the long drawn out scenario but i would like to do this work once. Is there a rubber adhesive i can use that will be OEM quality, flexible AND removable if need be? I see E6000 glue but i am worried i would have to break the back glass in the event it needs to come off again. Does the TESA tape meet or exceed OEM standards? and if i choose to go with the E6000 glue, can i remove it with a hot air gun?


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