Dead Asus X555LD Laptop. Need Some Help.


I have an Asus X555LD laptop which is dead. I try to repair it myself, however I am a complete newbie to this and I have no prior knowledge about electronics and laptop repairing in general. I watch youtube videos and online guides and that’s pretty much it.

Okay, this laptop doesn’t turn on. So, I firstly checked the voltage, I had both the 19 volt and 3 volt at the power button just fine. But since it doesn’t turn on I look for shorts and hot components and noticed that one IC (picture below) is very hot when touched. It heats up immediately upon plugging in the power supply. I decided to check the voltage on it anyway and I have both 5v and 3v on it. I also checked for shorts but I didn’t find any shorts.

The IC is labelled “2n=3e r000”

Block Image

But right after I checked this IC, I might have messed something up accidentally while doing it because the chip doesn’t heat up anymore and I noticed that I don’t have 19 volt nor 3 volt anymore either. So I did a quick 19 volt tracing and realized that the first mosfet after the dc input have stopped giving out voltage. I know that the laptop can work fine without this mosfet so I decided to short/bypass it, but doing so doesn’t give me the necessary volts at all. Basically, all the 19 volts even right at the dc input dropped to 1 or even less. But if I undo the short/bypass, the voltage is back to normal atleast till the first mosfet.

Block Image

So, what could be the problem? I think I have checked all the capacitors around the motherboard but I can’t find any clear short to the ground. There are 4 or 5 capacitors that have low resistance (around 60-80 ohms) and sometimes even beep with continuity check but I don’t know if they can be concluded as short.

Block Image

Can anyone help a newbie out? I don’t know if I can do this but I really want to fix this laptop for some reason ;D Thank you.

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@ukim how do you know this "I know that the laptop can work fine without this mosfet so I decided to short/bypass it, "? The ersistance across teh capacitors are really not relevant for their function. You need to measure their capacitance with a ESR meter or remove them and measure capacitance. Do you have the schematic for this board? How Do you check the power rails?


I know that because I have seen others do it many times on youtube. I myself have also done it with another laptop. I don't have the schematic but I have boardview.


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