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iPod Touch wont turn on

I have a 2nd generation ipod touch and it wont turn on. The screen isn't cracked and it looks like its in perfect condition. When I connect it to my ihome it wont charge or do anything. Do you think the battery needs replaced or do you think there is a problem with the connector at the base of the ipod? All answers are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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If you have absolutely no power, I'd start off with a new battery, bit of a PITA but it will provide you with a clean start. The only other way that you could try is by using a firewire ipod wall charger. I use those to charge some batteries that are below the threshold of a USB charger.

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Touch Gen 2 Replacement Battery

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Thanks for the answer, but I dont think that I can use a firewire with this generation of ipod touch. I looked at this website:


But it said that the firewire is only compatible with the 1st generation of ipod touch. Do you have any other suggestions or is replacing the battery the best option?

by Electronics Man

You are right, the firewire will not work for any kind of data or syncing, but it does have the same power connection and therefore will still give your iPod a quick charge. Anyhow, the only other way I can think off is to replace the battery since you have absolutely nothing happening.

by oldturkey03

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What's the difference between a firewire wall charger and a regular Ipod wall charger? Isn't "firewire" just another port on the computer?

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yes and no. It is just another port on your computer, but supplies greater power and used to have higher transfer rate. "FireWire devices can be powered or unpowered. FireWire allows devices to draw their power from their connection. Two power conductors in the cable can supply power (8 to 30 volts, 1.5 amps maximum) from the computer to an unpowered device. Two twisted pair sets carry the data in a FireWire 400 cable using a 6-pin configuration." http://computer.howstuffworks.com/firewi...

Input voltage range: 8 to 33 V

Input power: approximately 0.3 W

Output voltage range: 12 V to 30 V (varies by product)

Output power: minimum of 7 W per port

by oldturkey03

Thanks Oldturkey03. In my attempt to better understand I came across a video on reverse engineering Apple's secret charging methods. I hope this is informative. http://vimeo.com/13835359

by Carpenter940

Yes, I had seen that one and liked it. There are also some real good schematics on ipod chargersout there, that go into depth of how the iPod and iPhone really charge. The problem was just when they switched some of the connections on the dock connector. Check out pinouts.ru and read through the pin assignments as well as the different resistors for the charging port. :-)

by oldturkey03

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