Square button still sticky even after cleaning

Hi so my ds3 controller has a issue with the square button. when i press on it, it feels likes there’s resistance? there’s also a crinkly sound too. it also does not spring back up like the other buttons.

Since I have no experience or confidence in taking things apart I decided to try putting a little bit of isopropyl alcohol on a soft bristle tooth brush and rub around the area. I made sure the bristles got down the sides of the button.

I had my doubts since this was an old dusty controller that barely was used, since my dad only bought the ps3 to play dvds. After the through cleaning the button worked again! Pressing and springing back up like the other buttons. however only a day after, it went back to the weird sticky condition.

it’s weird because the button works but you have to press harder and it won’t spring back up and that crinkly noise is bugging me. I can confirm that it has never been spilt on just was very dusty before I cleaned it.

I’m hoping I don’t have to take it apart since I have no experience and I’m worried I would break it. Any help is much appreciated thank you

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