Samsung GT-C3300K champ

The Samsung GT-C3300K features a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and built in radio.

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My phone is locked by a forgotten password.

I have lost my password, and I can't use my phone without the password. How can I reset the password? Are there any general passwords?

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Wow what a magic

by Rohan

i forget my please any on help me to open or format .modal no GT-s7500

by vinot vinai

i forgot my phone lock my phne is a samsung champ G-C3300i and my keypad doesnt want to work


by tishiajacob

i forgot my phone lock,my phne is a samsung champ G-C3300i and my keypad doesn't want to work unless i put in the phone lock first

by tishiajacob

my brother I lost my pattern lock for Samsung gt15500, can you please help....

by Gorataone

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Try the last 4 digits of your phone number. If you can't remember the number, then the only solution I know of is to remove the SIM card from the phone (if you have one) and enter the number below. This will erase everything on the phone that is not saved to a memory card (if you have one) or to the SIM card.


If that doesn’t work, try:


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Waouh! The *2767*3855# stuff worked in my case like magic. Thanks guy.

by Marcellous

it really worked! thank you!

by ajnacario

thank u man

u help me a lot


by naren03412

Thank u very much

by prithvi raj daliboyina

Where do you type in the number??

by Claire

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Well, if you tell us the os of your phone, it is better to get the method to reset the phone password, like android or ios.

But, you can also have a reference from:

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dear sir/ Madam

My phone is off when I turn on, it says phone lock, I know the password too, it used to work but when I turned on the last time, its language changed to Persian, Now I enter my password it does not accept more than 4 digits. my numbers in phone book are very important. If I program it, it will remove the numbers. the code that you gave can not be entered, when I insert the hatch key, it says, password wrong in Persian language. the model is GT-E1282T


by wakil

i forgot my privacy password

by dhecerose duadores

i took out the sim and turned my phone on and it is still locked i cant put the codes in cuz it says emergency calls only can u please help me ??

by hotontopxxx

my samsung is like 6 years old and only says emergency without hash or pound, just the numbers

by pherogh

Pls help me my phone is Samsung galaxy GT 190601 I have forgot my pin of vodacom protect my device so my phone is not working.

by philile yolanda

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ur meant to take ur sim card off :) then u can dial the number

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dear sir samsung ka mobile hai usme phone lock lag gaya hai aur code maang raha hai parantu mujhe pata nahi hai model gt - c 3312r hai kripya karke upaay batayein

by mulyankan kumari

Hy main is ko open kr skta hun agar samsung company ka hai to i can open send me request on facebook usman ranjha profile pic py likha hai hum sharif kya hue sari duniya hi badmash ban gai ok and i live in italy

by Usman

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As simple as that buddy..

Just press volume + key and power key and the key which is in center together...then select wipe data option...and to select the option press centre key...and it will restrore every tg..and u r done...:-)

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this option is 100% working,i fixed a friends' HTC which was blocked yesterday,WELL DONE

by lysonsomba

Thank you , this worked for me on my samsung

by James McAdam

this wont work for me i tried doing that. the "wipe data" option does not come up

by Joy Frederick

my phone when I put it on its only showing phone lock I tried to press * it can't what must I do?

by sithembele knocks

My phone its showing phonelock I can't press *so pls tell me what should I do ant the other way to unlock my phone

by mandudu

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i have try all my best to remove sim lock but i now give up

by Emh

I am forgot my micromax mobile password. Model number is x091. Please send me sir

by Jakirhussain sheriff

Hi I have the peroblame with my blackberry Z10 in securith code so

I don't even.remeber it

by zeleke

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There is absolutely no general password to unlock your locked phone. Each passcode is unique according to what you set it as. If you forogt the passcode, don't enter the wrond passcode too many times or your iPhone would be disabled by your mistaken operation.

You can use Recovery Mode to bypass the password. BTW, i know the famous free tool reiboot can help

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SPAM removed

by oldturkey03

Samsung cell phone it's only appears emergency call

by ghazar ghazaros

i have samsun gt 19000 i aplied all yr method on my cell to unlock screen but failed

by innodoll112

recovery mode dont work

by rudy1985

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type first *27673855# then insert # bw 7&3

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yipppeeeeee it really works :)

by sadia

where i insert /

by laiba akhtar

I have a Samsung mega 6.3 I forgot the password

Please help

by randy

It's screen password lock , please help

by randy

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go to samsung service center they will reset it


take out your sim card and merory card and then go to keypad and dial *2767*3855# rand then call it will reset your phone however your data will be deleted your phone will switch off and then again swith on by itself and its done

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amazing! it worked!

by garacious19

that is the same as the original answer

by oldturkey03

im really scared to try this bc i dont wanna lose all my data and i have over 7000 pics, plus i dont know all of my passwords for stuff

by Joy Frederick

Dear sir im use samsung GT E2232 phone is lock i need password

by Ibrahimsait

it cant go to keypad .. cant click it

by maetheraven

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If you can make only emergency calls, do it, and when call in progress, hold down the unlock button, and tap dial keypad, then write the *2767*3855# code quickly! And now your phone's starting the factory wipe progress... That trick is works! :)

If doesn't, press call button after you type the code in... (Y)

I hope it helps...

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111100000%% worked.and the one an only solution of this problem is this one.thanks for your help sir.your method worked for me.

by johnnaveed007

kindly help me on this matter , I am using a samsung GT-C3300K, this phone has got a number of problems :

1. it keeps on charging even when it is not connected to the charger

2.after switching it on in less than a minute it demands so connection to the PC , it says " connecting to PC"

3. I lost the original sim and when I insert a new sim it needs a sim lock password which I do not know .

Kindly shown me a way on how to overcome these problems.

by choolwe sikaputa

didnt work _samsung J500G. PLEASE HELP ME

by Khairah Atiqa

Great solution bro. working fine. However, while typing 3855 it's showing hyphens instead of numbers. But thank you so much for such an awesome solution.

by Zerocool999

Hi, it works.

I want to change my sim lock password but it's still asking for the old password to proceed, the problem is, I forgot the old password. How can I change it?


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The fastest way is reset password with google account.

However, if you fogot the google account username and password, then factory reset can help you.

Learn how to perform factory reset:

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Use this samsung's master reset password pdf

follow link

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type this no. *2767*3855# in emergency call the mobile will be reset

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It says it is not an emergency number

by Amelia Elamradi

it doesn't reset .

by Rymond Villafuerte

Hi I just want to ask if you know the reset password for my phone my 111 thanks :D

by mareldvillenaavvie

HASH AND STAR is not working

by anand

When I turn on my samsung gt_2230 phone locked message appear and password is not accepted. Can any one help me?

by muhammad afzaal

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switch off your phone,on power on,press the -volume key and then power button,hold them together until it give you options,choose reset and this will wipe everything in your phone and brought to new machine,ENJOYYYY

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I have an also problem with my mobile lock and password will not unlock

by Iqrakhan

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take out sim and put it back in

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I have Samsung cdma sch b519

And I have forget my pin so please help to unlock or give me other solution to reset my CDMA phone

by Sonu

I have Samsung galaxy grand prime

And I have forget my pin so please help to unlock my phn

by Nimra saeed

I have forgotten my pin number and now am locked out of phone but I don't want to reset my phone and have it delete all my stuff. It's a moto e android please help

by Hannah Reser

i can't reset my phone password

by donnayutuc340

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Here's a new solution if you forgot iPhone passcode

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Stephan Popov this question is not about an iPhone

by oldturkey03

Ooooo!!!! Thnkyou soo mcchh!!!

To help me fr recovering my device password★★★★★


by Sriishaa Chaudhary

I got locked out of my galaxy s5 and it's at the screen where I have to put in my email and password but I forgot it what do I do

by Nayah

I have the same password is my name but my keypad changed to numbers.I can't type words.also i can't type # and *. what can I do???

by mahdiye karimi

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