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Released September 21, 2018. Models A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM or nano-SIM / 64, 256, or 512 GB / Silver, Gold, or Space Gray. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 S.")

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iPhone XS lags and reboots - After water damage repair

Hi i’ve got an iPhone XS that got water damaged in the top killing the light sensor. i’ve managed to make run the phone by disconnecting the flex cable of the earpiece from the motherboard. However vibrations weren’t working and the phone was laggy sometimes freezing on apps launching and multitasking and it also had an annoying volume problem ( the volume rose to max on its own ). However i’ve bought a new charging port flex and installed it yesterday. now the phone has audio and vibrations working and no more audio bug, but somehow lags and freezes crashing. i’ve figured out that camera is not working good , especially the telephoto camera which could not launch. i’ve disconnected all the cameras ( front 3 module flexes and the 2 rear flexes ) and now it seems to work very very fast , like brand new without freezing at all. the point is that it sometimes reboots randomly ( after a crash ) and i’ve noticed it does not charge ( I plug the charging cable and it charges but after rebooting it does not charge at all ) , i’ve left it yesterday charging and this morning I found it charged zero.

What could be the problem for this?? Damaged battery??? i’ve noticed that the battery is not very nice but it is still fine.

Ill link two links of a video where all the flexes are connected and it lags and another where I disconnect the camera and it runs smooth

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Hello Antonio,

Have you managed to get a fix?

I have a similar problem, but my iPhone XS has not water damage.

I did a back glass replacement but when I reassembled everything I had the lagging issue.

Problem description :

1- When connecting the cameras flex ( 3 flex on the front module and 2 from the rear module ) the phone is lagging.

2- When disconnecting them the phone works with no lags

3- My phone restarts after about 3 min ( with or without the cameras connected )


Hi! not yet.

I have no clue of what's going on.

went to a repair shop and the guy told me that he believes its a RAM problem because of the lag since startup.

However its very strange what's going on , initially only Face ID went dead and it was boot looping , I've disconnected the earpiece flex and the problem appeared solved! it did some audio bugs because I've forgot to connect the vibrations motor but nothing special. One day I've decided to put the vibration motor back but noticed that the old vibration motor flex was damaged so I've swapped it with a new one and installed back everything. Since that the phone started lagging ... I've done all properly , didn't damage anything.!! I've noticed that disconnecting the camera made the phone work fast as !&&* once again but it still did reboot and that's very annoying. last time I tried to boot the phone it was lagging even without the camera module connected. I've got no clue of what's going on.

You have only swapped the glass to your XS or did else??


I replaced my iPhone XS back glass and all the above issues started.

Before the replacement, everything was working fine. I double-checked my flexes but I haven't seen any damage.

All my parts are still originals I haven't change anything.

My faceId seems bad too, before the back glass replacement it was working fine but after that, it says that my face is not visible.

I saw your videos and my phone does the same.

Am still looking for a solution. I saw in another forums that the 3 min restart is either a charging port issue or a Power Ic chip issue. I haven't tried to replace my charging port yet.

Apart from that, the other parts are working: Bluetooth, Volume, Vibration, Wifi, GPS.

When I connect my cameras there the phone to lag but they seems to be working also, main lens and telephoto works, but I noticed at the first boot the focus is a little off ( I think because of the lag )


Yeah exactly the same problem with camera lens defocused at first start. I even touch the screen to focus but it does nothing , if you restart the app it apparently works fine. I think as well its some internal motherboard chip problem but its strange to me how does the camera module affect the phone... how???

everything works fine a part Face ID


I have no clue how that is possible. We have exactly the same problem.


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Repairing water damaged devices is always hit or miss. Some phones recover fine, even with no intervention. Others require hours and hours of work and replacement parts and they still remain unstable. It seems you have the latter.

Most microsoldering repair techs no longer offer to “repair” water damaged devices for this reason, they can be inherently unstable.

I would remove the logic board, connect it to a known good, preferably non water damaged, lightning flex and battery. Then connect it to 3uTools so that you can see if it is connected. If it cant maintain a stable connection in this condition, then you should consider cutting your losses. The water has probably seeped inside the pcb sandwich and this is what’s causing your issues.

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Hello Antonio,

I managed to fix my phone.

After some research i found forum talking about this issue. Here are the links

iPhone X restarts every few minutes after back housing replacement.

I went and check the Analytics Data which is provided by the phone when there is an issue.

Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data

I found many reports intitled “Panic-full“. And after reading the different forums i saw some suggestions telling to change the charging port with an Original or OEM Part. That is were the issue comes from.

So i went to a repair shop and bought a “Used Original iPhone XS charging port”. Went back home and assembled everything and VOILA the different issue were no more.

  • No more lags when the cameras are connected
  • No more restarting after 3 min.
  • Everything works great
  • I hope this will be helpfull

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Same issue over here. I replaced the charging flex cable with new OEM and the problem is still there. Any solutions?

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The problem is from the flex connector

Replace it with an original one and the problem would stop

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But I already replaced the charging flex connector with other original working one and still the issue is there.


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