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Any chance this phone will last long?

I am helping a friend out with a phone they dropped in water

Here is the story, first, they put it in white rice to get the moisture out of the phone, all fine and dandy EXCEPT the phone will have a definite lifespan now because they never removed the corrosion, I told them the phone needs to come apart and they do not feel comfortable

Next, the screen had water in it

They plugged it in and the charger got hot, so they unplugged it and I think the screen will dry out, however, it could kill the backlight(backlight VERY unlikely)

They also told me the contract is ending soon

I think this thing is going to be a money pit with thier mistakes because if they give it to me to fix, this looks like a money pit

First, parts could of blown by charging it because my gut says the water potentally blew parts in it

Next, the screen may not work right much longer because the water was ABSORBED into the screen

Any thoughts? I am trying to help her out as much as I can as a favor

*I am not judging, I am telling what they did wrong from my experience in the past*

  • I know I have a iPhone, I will NEVER give my main number to ANYONE for security reasons, so I have a AT&T prepaid phone too for business*

The have thier old phone with them in case

As it stands, it turns on and it works right, but these crucial mistakes may have done a number on it

mistakes made again!

They plugged the phone in again, and more water came out of the screen!

Anyone suspect it will have burnt parts now?

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gee...could still did after the first water dunk. I thought you'd have fixed this by now?? Try the putting the screen on a heater? in with some silica bags..I'd even try the rice to get that extra water out..


She did the white rice already, even warned about using the charger to clear the watermark in the screen, I never got isopropyl alcohol or have any yet


Plus, she said it works tough I warned her what will happen in the phone and how parts may fail over time, and thier contract is ending soon, which could be why


I'd give up, some people just won't be helped. You've been a good friend..I'd leave it at that Nick., she's obviously got more money than sense. She could have fixed this phone, sold it and still got her upgrade. oh well.


True, I tried to tell them what happens if you don't try and get the gook left in could do to it over time(corrosion and potentially a short), well, at least I can make sense of repairing these and preventing issues down the road


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Nick, your friend has nothing to lose if you open it and try to fix it for them. Their phone in it's current state is just an ornament.

I'm sure you'll be able to work out how to open it etc. I don't know whether the phone is made in a different country using another name? I'll see if I can find a guide( most phones are pretty easy to get into)

i don't think the water has been absorbed into the's probably left a watermark on the silver backing..lift that off the LCD, clean it and see. I've rescued quite a few waterdamaged phones and sometimes it really is just a case of a good clean (a few times!) new battery and off you good as new! LCD's may not appear to work if the battery is shot, or if the corrosion is causing a problem. I fixed a samsung for my friend and all it needed after a clean was a new LCD...£10, better than £80 for the same phone on ebay.

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That is what I said, I am entirley unsure and will see what happens, in fact, I will let the screen dry out on it's own


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