iPhone 6 shows logo then goes dim

Hi, I recently dropped my iPhone 6. It landed on the bottom right corner which caused a crack across the screen and went blank when I tried to switch it on. I tried several times until after some time it switched on…I thought everything was fine only to find out that it had switched off again. I finally noticed that it doesn't last for 1 min on then it restarts itself even when it's on the charger. This got me worried now to the extent that I had to start watching videos on how to disamble iPhone 6. I decided to open it myself following the procedures on the videos I watched and found out the battery wasn't plugged in. I thought everything was good by then, I restarted the phone then shows logo for few secs then goes black (dim) it's still on. Restarted again but shows the same thing. I decided to seek more solutions to the problem now and came across iTunes recovery method. Now the problem is that it doesn't show on the laptop and it's impossible to boot it into DFU mode because the moment I insert a lightning cable it shows the logo then goes dim for as long as it's still on the cable. What could be the issue now and how can I solve it

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When you opened up the device you may have damaged the front camera flex cable. It also houses the proximity sensor and if “auto brightness” is enabled having that damaged or not connected will essentially tell the phone it’s super dark and dim the display greatly. Try to start the phone up in a totally dark room and manually adjust the brightness when the phone starts up


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