Why is my Xbox one x fan staying at the same speed?

Whenever I’m playing with my Xbox, the fan stays at the same speed, and starts heating up. After 10-15 minutes of playing, it overheats and turns itself off, to not cause damage. Do you guys know why’s that? And is there a fix for it?

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is the console well ventilated/clean of dust?


Nah, I think it's deeper. I think it's the sensor which is not telling that the system is getting hot, so the fan won't spin faster then it should. But it's still turning off by itself, so that is kinda weird... What you can do: Replace thermal paste. Just in case, replace the fan too. Test and see what happens..


I don’t think it’s the fan, I disconnected the 2 controller lines, and it stays at the highest speed possible at all times. The thermal paste has also been changed when I opened up the console. I just hope that it’s just the sensor.


Could you measure the temperature by yourself? And how much thermal paste did you put on? Just a little blob right?


I don’t have something to measure the temperature with, but I did disconnect the sensor lines, so it just stays at the highest speed. I put a pea sized blob of thermal paste, since I thought that it was bigger, and when I checked how much it spread, it went through the whole die.


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