MacBook Pro 13 Unibody Mid 2010 screen Pixelation?


I have 14 months old MacBook Pro (Mid 2010). I have been using it last 14 months with no problem. But recently after 1 year warranty period over, I started experiencing pixelation issue on my screen. This happens occasionally every week or so. At one point whole screen becomes full of blocky pixels with different colors. Then I refresh the safari web page and then pixelation disappears. What do you think the problem is ? and How can I repair it ? I have no Apple Care. Is there problem with display card ? or LCD panel ?

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Answer this question I have this problem too

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Try hooking it up to an external monitor and see if the problem persists on the external when it happens on the MBP and let us know. Is this only happening with your web browser? Is the whole screen pixelating or just the browser frame?

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I will try to hook up an external monitor. Whole screen pixelating. Pixelating mostly happens on web browser but it also happened on desktop few times.


Hello Mayer,

I hooked up an external display to my MBP for almost a week. While I was working on Clamshell mode; it was working perfect without pixelation problem. I thought the problem was with LCD panel. But this morning, I test it with both displays on, and the pixelation happened both on MBP display and External display at the same time. What does that mean ? I have problem with Logic Board or Video Card ? What do you recommend me ? This time problem happened on just browser frame including on safari tabs and on google search field on Safari. Other the that there was no pixelation. Your help will be appreciated. I have no Apple Care. And my Warranty is expired 2 months ago. Will it cost a lot to replace motherboard. Or is it just software problem ? I never had this problem first 13 months of my MBP.




This means that the pixelation is coming from the GPU and you'll need a logic board replacement to fix it. You can take it in to Apple and try to get a "warranty exception", they may honor it since it happened so soon after your warranty expired. Or you can request a flat rate repair that will cost you $280.


Thanks Mayer. Is this a common problem ? Also how can I find repair fees for Apple ?


As far as I know, Apple does not publish these prices anywhere. They have different levels of service at different prices. So there's a different level if you put a bullet hole through the screen or one through the screen and the logic board. Let us know your results. If you call the 800 number make sure the computer can't understand what you say of they will try to charge you a fee before they even know what you want. Mumble and get a live person ;-)


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this is happening to me to im not sure how to get rid of it one of my relatives says its to do with the graphic quality ? try mess with that see if that works

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