Acer Chromebook screen replacement with an iPad

Crazy thought…..

I would like to connect my 2019 iPad Air to my 2017 Acer Chromebook. I would like to use my Chromebook as a portfolio/case/external keyboard. Has anyone ever done this or made an attempt?

  1. The iPad and Chromebook have similar sized screens therefore they would fit together with little modification.
  2. I am puzzled as to how I would connect the two with a simple Apple proprietary Lightning Cable in order to still have the perks of an iPad.
  3. How do I get the keyboard and battery to communicate?

This would essentially repurpose the Chromebook into a LineDock or janky Magic Keyboard. Thank you in advance.

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I wonder if you could VNC into the iPad via the Chromebook...

You would have to make the Chromebook run headless and the whole ordeal would have to be connected to the internet on both ends to work.

I wouldn't have any idea how to make it all work, but you might be able to make it work with a little effort.


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