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7th generation of Motorola's Moto G line. This phone was released in March 2019 and is the first Motorola Moto to use the Android 9 operating system. Model numbers are XT1962-1, XT1962-4, and XT1962-5.

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MOTO G7 Need to only replace touch glass not LCD too

My G7 LCD works fine, only the glass is cracked. All videos show replacing LCD with the glass attached. Is there a way to remove the glass only without damaging the LCD. THANKS

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The screen is bonded with a UV LOCA glue, and removing it requires significant experience - which few people have unless you work in a repair shop who does this regularly. Glass only is not a DIY job - leave that for someone who is experienced in it. You'll make things worse if you slip up and it's going to be $50 for a new one PLUS any equipment and supply costs.

Most people have to replace the LCD as an assembly due to the sheer difficulty alone, which is why it’s usually a professional only part, and as such a repair done by professionals as a general rule. The issue is someone sees the price differential to do glass only, and doesn't see how difficult it is along with the supply costs AND on top of that the cost of a new display if you mess it up.

While anyone can technically to it, these parts are primarily meant for professionals with the required experience and mistakes made.

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Not Helpful at all. I'll vote as such when I'll have enough reputation to be able to do so. Replacing a glass is definitely not a job only for professionals. ANYONE can do it. Professionally or less professional, I can bet after a few hours of reading proper specific information anyone can try do it, with a just heat gun, a screen separating wire, UV Loca glue remover, UV Loca glue and obviously some screwdrivers. It's not rocket science. This is actually the scope of this website, as the domain suggests too. Everything is a DIY job and should be up to each person to decide if he wants to invest time and money in machines and chemicals to remove UV LOCA glue or stick /fuse the phone display layers back, or to invest in a ready made screen with frame or pay someone for the repair. Don't discourage people trying to fix their items. And If someone messes up, he'll know next time how to actually do it properly.


@marcustitus you are right. There is always more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. I am certain that Chet Starvish has his display repaired by now.

From an economical point it would not make sense to do a glass only repair. The complete display is around $50 USD and the glass around $20USD. If you now add the cost for the glue, a heat gun and other bits that are needed, your cost will be about the same. Now factor in the amount of work it takes and the technical difficulty (messed up LCD etc.) ,if one has never done this job. So in this case it is easier, cheaper and the chance of a successful repair greater by replacing the complete assembly.

If one already has the tools, the glue, has previous experience etc. it's a different story. In that case it may be more of a toss up. So, it’s a depend on how far the OP wanted to go with the repair. Is this a strict professional repair? No, it is not. It can be achieved by anybody (with practice).

@nick is this one of those showing respect cases? Not sure when we ever started telling people to shut up on here. I find it very disturbing that you as a professional display that kind of behaviour. I guess a lot of things have changed around here during my “sabbatical”. To bad, it used to be a great place.


@oldturkey03 I go on the offense a lot, especially when you give me reason like a potential future downvote when I was answering for the majority. Like if never have done this before so I'd practice on junk first before I go for the real deal - how many people here are sitting on junk devices they can do a trial run on and if you break it it's not an issue?

I'll delete it - to an extent I'm over it with comments that assume I'm wrong when my answer is perfectly valid for the majority and not the 1% who are equipped for glass only. If you can do it great but most aren't equipped. It's like if you asked me to try and fix a laptop I've done the work on or have spare boards/BER systems on hand to grab what I need (or at least I know the component value).


@nick telling someone to shut up is not going on the offensive. It is offending and definitely not what I expected. I am out of this and all the other odd behaviours that seem to have become tolerated.


@oldturkey03 As far as why I classify this as pro only it's due to the required experience. No DIYer has that unless you have a shop that does it or someone can show you. Like I said I never have done it and when I have I failed. The difference is I ruined parts that I already ruined in another way or replaced due to another issue.

I have had people order parts like S6 charge ports (glass removal required) and they demanded to see I wasn't lying. This is why I despise these parts for the majority - it sets bad expectations for everyone. And then I'm not happy with the person for ordering it after ignoring me and then nobody wins. Fine sell them but stop lying about how easy it is and tell the truth about the experience needed.

I screwed up. When the comment came I got caught at the wrong time and I had at it. I know I need to do better when it comes to this at times.


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