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Why my iPod keeps pausing by it self.?

hi there hope to find some answers. is been a like 3 days since my ipod start pausing by it self after a few seconds of playing any song. All the other features are perfectly fine.

All ready try to reload software flush the memory etc.etc. also went to the apple store and of course it was out of warranty so there is nothing else to do according to them. They suggest me their recycle program ....

get a new ipod and they will give me a powerful 10% for my broken ipod ....

please Help !! I'm really desperate.!! any help is appreciated..!!

Thanks. :)


oldturkey03 my friend hope everything is ok and you are enjoying labor day.

I tried what u suggest and so far is playing good I haven't try it for a while will see later today .!!

Thanks oldturkey03 you rock !!!!!


oldturkey03 thanks for all your help the solutions works fine for a few more minutes but after a few songs unfortunately it keeps pausing by it self.

at least it work for a little more time.

Thanks for the help my friend.

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first off, is it jailbroken? Have you tried to restore it yet? Also make sure that your songs are the right format, validate that through iTunes. Sometimes it is the way the song is compressed that can cause this problem. Check all your settings as well. It really does not necessarily sound like a hardware issue. This sounds more like set-up and software issues.


Thanks for ur comment oldturkey03, the ipod it has never been jail-broken I all ready try to restored in different computer and older version of itunes. I will take a look of the settings as you suggest. But i just think is a little odd that is been working fine until the past few days. I been doing some research and I found multiple people on forums with the same issue with no solution. :(

Thanks for taking the time to type your suggestion your help is really appreciated.


by the way where is the option to "validate that through iTunes"

Thanks again mate .!! :)


Sorry George, I meant to validate your song through itunes where you can check the property of your music library. Are these songs new and always the same that pause your iPod or is this from a recent syncing? Try to just sync with a few songs and see if it makes a difference.


You are welcome George. Great that you got it going and I hope you are having a great weekend yourself.....;-) Thanks for accepting my answer....


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There are a few issues that could cause it. One of them being that the format your music is in. Sometimes what happens is that the DAC can't keep up with the sudden jump in bitrate for some of your music files. You may have to resample them at a lower bitrate. There was also an issue with the firmware (can't remember which version :-) but try to update your firmware though a restore under iTunes. Make sure that you have backed-up your files just in case. The other problem that can cause this is a faulty headphone jack/ headphones. Try a different pair of headphones and see if that makes a difference. Also , when you insert the plug into your iPod, pull it back just a small amount. See if any of this works for you. Lastly, make sure that your screen dos not have any debris on it, you know stuck chocolate anything like that, that may get read a an input by your digitizer. Clean the screen as well :-) Let us know how it is going. Good Luck.

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open it and check the paus key

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