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Getting ready to upgrade the hardware inside

I have a 320GB HDD,4GB memory in it now

This was great in 2009, but this system is getting slow now

Based on the Mac Mini question, would a SSD be a dumb investment for mine?

I have plans to buy a single 4GB module and keep one 2GB and total this out at 6GB sooner or later

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Are you planning on putting the optical in an external enclosure?


I never use the drive anyway, rumor is they are removing it in september


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Depends on what speed 320GB hard drive you have now. A western Digital scorpio black model, one of my favorite model line laptop drives, may be a nice upgrade in performance, as well as seagates newer model hybrid drives.

SSD's are great for application specific needs (programs that use your hard drive a lot) however some people have complained about reliability and data recovery can be extremely difficult and sometimes not possible...... everything is lightening fast, personally i can't justify the cost per GB of storage yet and can wait a few seconds more to open an app.

As far as memory, an 8GB set from GSkill or another good brand would not set you back that much....... esp. if you hang back for a sale....... ( memory not branded as "mac" memory can save you a significant amount of money, it has for me in the past). Leaving you the option of offsetting the cost of an upgrade selling the 4GB of memory currently installed.

I don't know what you use the computer for so I can't say if it would be a waste of time or not.

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A fijitsu that was stock, i use it for internet, photo editing, video editing, my old computers are often used as secondary computers, I need to make a server next


Upgrading from the stock drive to a WD black or one of the high performance hybrid drives from seagate would provide a nice and noticeable difference. The video and photo editing is a workout for your processor.... Upgrading your RAM to 8GB would help keep you out of swap (page ins/outs) for the memory hungry programs that video/photo editing programs can use......

SSD would provide more performance as well, someone that does or has an SSD mac with similar specs that does video editing etc might be able to weigh in on what kind of real world difference it would make, I'm not sure i should venture a guess on that.....


I guess this answered the question?... I didn't see anyone else comment on it in the past few days..........I think what mayer's comment might have been leading to ( just my guessing of course not going to speak for him) removing the optical drive and installing a 2nd hard drive..... and then removing your current primary hard drive and installing a small SSD.... OR just a faster regular 7200PRM hard drive which would be a good improvement over the stock 5400RPM drive. Either way if not using the optical dive this would leave some options open.


I only EVER use the optical drive installing OS'S and burning Linux discs, then agin, I could get a external one being I have the burner when I need it


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