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Fuse blown on mac logicboard

I have been looking on google like crazy on where I can buy these tiny little fuse's that are solder on the logic board..

If you look at my pictures, or my avtar picture I have a picture of a logicboard and a red arrow pointing to the fuse I am talking about. its a small white fuse.

I know for sure it's blown, because when I took the logicboard out there was black marks on the rear vent and the fuse is black and brittle, and if you touch it some of it will fall away.

There was no spills and I am out of warranty. Please help.

Apple macbook A1342 2.26GHZ

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Here's the previous question on this issue: No power power fuse blew


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The last thing you want to do is bridge that "fuse". If it is a fuse, fuses are present for a reason. The answer is no it will not work properly if you bridge that component, which you believe is a fuse. Please get us some pictures of the ashy area and the component you are calling a fuse and the area it is in. That way someone may be able to determine what the component is and hopefully how to resolve your problem. If there are any identifying markings on the board by the component (Such as F8600, C8600, L8600, etc..) please get pictures showing them and/or write them down and post them.

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Sound advice +


+ excellent advice, fuses are used to prevent damage and are built to blow before the component it protects burns out. Bypassing a fuse is one of the best ways to destroy something.


Thanks for the reply, I was waiting to hear the advice I got before doing anything. Is there a way to post pictures to show what I'm taking about?

Also the fuse or whatever the part is. Is right next to where the Dc jack plugs in to the logicboard, from other pictures I seen, it's a white square shape with solder joints on both sides of it.

I can send the pictures I took to you if you like.


Ok I have a picture in my Avtar in the top left corner there a red arrow pointint to it..


In the bottom left corner of your browser you should see an orange rectangle with the word Image in it. Click on it and you will be able to upload images from the menu/icons provided. You can then go in and edit your question and the ability to add pictures/images to your question are on the toolbar. If you can't get that to work for you please upload them to somewhere like photobucket or other image hosting site. please upload them as large as possible from the venue. The more detail the better. Also are there any markings on the board for the components in that area? Your Avatar is small and can not be enlarged without great loss in detail.


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If you run out of options on fixing this, Apple will replace the logic board for a flat rate fee of $280 if there is no external physical damage or evidence of water damage. 1-800-SOS-APPL

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No water damage, $280.00 wow!! it is worth it, I just don't have that type of money right now, and by the time i do macbooks and laptops will be a thing of the past..lol


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