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Could you recommend a liquid damage parts list?

Spilled liquid on right-side half of keyboard. Sent to Apple for "tier 4" liquid damage repair. Apple looked at it and said not economical to repair. Computer sounds like it's booting and screen desktop briefly appears then goes dark, but sounds like it's still on. Have to blindly hard shut down. I can't believe there are that many parts that could be damaged. Would like to get a "most probable" list of components I can replace. This site is awesome, I have given new life to my iPod because of the parts and instructions on this site. Thanks for any help you can give.


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Could you connect the MBP on an external monitor and check if you have video on the external and if the system load ?


This is the most amazing site! I have two identical MBP's, my daughter spilled cranberry juice on hers. Since Apple said it was uneconomical to repair, I decided to experiment using the disassembly instructions here. I took the entire laptop apart to include the keyboard. I cleaned each component with rubbing alcohol and swapped each component into my computer to check whether it was good. All the simple components worked fine, leaving only the logic board and keyboard as questionable. Reassembled her laptop and everything works just fine. Took about 15 hours of cleaning and swap out of components. Shame on Apple service for declining to really check it out. It was obvious they hadn't removed any screws. This site is awesome - saved me hundreds of dollars. Can't thank you enough.



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Honestly, you would be taking shots in the dark and probably wasting money by purchasing parts at this point, especially due to the fact that when you truly do have a fried logic board, there is really only one part number to purchase -- the logic board -- and as Apple has probably informed you, that's not cheap.

The best "bang for the buck" with salvaging water-damaged MacBooks, I've found, is to pull the memory and make sure it doesn't have any corrosion on it. If it does, clean it off with q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol, and then test the memory slots by powering on with one slot empty, and then try with the other slot empty. Better yet, if you have known-good RAM, try that. I would try to reset the PRAM as well (connected to AC and with the power off, hold in the power button until you hear a tone and see the sleep light flashing).

I have ended up with many working MacBooks after simply doing the above with the RAM. Apple is generally too lazy to bother testing it, and "liquid damage" is the magic phrase that make them back off and tell you it's your problem and not theirs, so I'd suggest not saying it unless you absolutely know that's what caused the issue.

Those who have more experience with unibody laptops than I do may be able to suggest some specifics, i.e. is replacing the DC-in ever an effective step, such as it is in other models?

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The unibody is the most protected notebook I've seen on liquid damage. The keyboard is really segregated from the rest of the computer. More than likely, it's just keyboard damage and that's an easy fix. Here's the keyboard

If that doesn't work then sell the parts on eBay.

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That wouldn't explain the booting issues


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