Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Keyboard and Trackpad do not work

I have an old macbook 5.1 A1181 that had some water damage to the keyboard. The keyboard and trackpad do not work , but the power button still does. I have inspected the logic board and removed the corrosion. There was not a lot there but a little.

I can obviously use an external keyboard and mouse but would like to use the topcase ones.

I am wondering that if there was a short that hapenned would the power button not work also? Or can it be an isolated short that just nuked the usb bus for the keyboard?

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I would try reseating the top case to logic board cable, making sure there is no corrosion on the cables end.

But first, try that external keyboard to make sure the problem is localized to the top case.

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Here's how to just replace the cable: MacBook Core 2 Duo Upper Case Cable Replacement


Thanks, I did reseat it a few times last night to the logic board, the cable cannot be removed from the topcase can it?

Thanks I will check that cable tonight!

I am able to use an external keyboard and mouse also. I believe that the profile also indicated that the isight and ir were found too.

I will check the cable tonight for corrosion on the keyboard cable. I am looking to invest in gettting a new topcase if I am reasonably sure that their isn't a short on the logic board. I was hoping that because the power button works, and because I was able to see other usb devices that it is just the topcase that needs replaced.


Here's just the cable: MacBook Upper Case Cable


I took the case off and checked the cable last night. There was no corrosion on the plug. I did clean out the socket in case there was any corrosion there. It did not appear to have any.

I will be getting a cheap used keyboard to test tonight with. Does it matter if it is the silver or brown cable? I woud assume that it only matters that it goes with the corresponding keyboard assembly?

I am hoping that this fixes the problem.



I got your email on repairing this. I'll take a look at it for a small charged if you cover the shipping. I have parts that I can exchange to help out on testing. The problem with water damage is the cascading effect. We just don't know what has been fried. One part goes then the next then the next. It could be a simple solder job. There's just no way to tell till I get into it with a multimeter and spare parts. I'll send my shipping address by email. I make NO promises on fixing this without a logic board replacement and possible top case, etc. Of course I will advise you before spending anything.


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I have inspected the socket that the topcase connects to. The top left most solder joint appears void of solder. Do you know what this connection is?

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I'm sorry I don't.


After reviewing information, it appears that the top most solder joint is the 5V for the usb bus for the keyboard. I am guessing that this shorted out when water came in contact with the board. I believe if I resolder this I should have a functioning board. Of course trying to solder that will be a challenge in itself.

Here is what I understand the pin out to be



#1- 5v Pos

#6- Pos Power button Connection

#7- Data +

#8- Data -

#9- Ground


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I had a problem with a gradually declining response from my trackpad (MBP mid 2009), when physically clicking it. It eventually stopped responding completely. This is ok, but makes dragging files very hard.

As the children previously used the laptop for watching comics etc, there was a chanse there might have been some liquid spilled on the trackpad at some instance, I started by adjusting the screw under the trackpad. This did nothing, it just changed the click from loose to firm. I then went "all in".

I removed the entire trackpad and found the "clicker". A small disc that i mounted over a PCB contact. This disc i covered by an adhesive that is perforated around the margins of the disc. I took a sharp blade and peeled it of. What did I find? CORROSION. I cleaned it THOROUGHLY with rubbing alcohol to get all the corrosion of there. Then I put everything back as it was - and it worked as if new again.

I have a picture of this but nowhere to post it. This is the fix for unresponsive trackpads!

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