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Screen backlight doesn't work.


I just replaced the screen on my Macbook air, I bought a whole new LCD assembly, i've put it on, made sure all the wires are plugged in properly and whatever. I then turned it on, at first i didn't think it worked but then I realized it did, just had no backlight so I tried turning the backlight up, and it says the backlight is getting brighter and dimmer but nothing actually happens.

Is this a problem with the actual screen, or might it have something to do with my cable-plugging-in skills?

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ok i have double checked the LVDS cable, and yes its fully plugged in no problems there.

Some history, i was given this laptop by a friend a couple months ago, who for some weird reason punched the screen and the keyboard a few times, figured it was unfixable and gave it to me, when i got it the screen backlight worked just he cracked to LCD screen so nothing displayed, but the backlight still got brighter and dimmer when the buttons were pressed, which kind of eliminates any problems with the logic board.

So i bought a 2nd hand complete LCD display assembly including hinges and cables, ready to just screw on, which i did but now the backlight doesn't work, no problems with hinges or anything else, the LVDS cable did look... well lets just say it was brand new when i put it on, but everything looked fine with it, no cut wires etc.

so i guess the LVDS cable may be dodgy?


thanks for the advice, i wasn't planning on taking the LCD assembly apart in a hurry! i had to do that to my old one thinking i was only going to replace the screen itself, but as it happened i needed a new hinge as well and when this full assembly came up i figure it would save me a whole lot of hassle!

I'll contact the seller i see what he says.

Thanks for your answer.


Hi David

Have you found any solution for this problem?

I have a similar problem



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I would double check your cable connections first. This could be a connection problem, bad cable, the back light could be out on the LCD or the problem could reside on the motherboard.

Please give us some more history of this machine, including but not limited to why you replaced the LCD.


From the history you have given the problem either is in the cable or the LCD backlight. I would contact who you purchased the screen assembly from and inform them of the problem prior to attempting to change out the LVDS cable. They should take it back or give you a partial refund. Hopefully you still have the old screen assembly with the known good lvds cable attached. Please note: Most of the cables that go through hinges on laptops break internally. Thus they can look new and still be bad. The LCD in the old screen assembly also has a good backlight. Replacing that will require opening the LCD a feat many people do not feel comfortable with nor confident about their ability to complete the task. I have done a number of them. The fore mentioned is why I suggested you contact the place you purchased it from first. Changing out cables may void any warranty you have. I don't want to give anyone advice that has great potential to put them in a worse position than they were prior to my advice.

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I have the same problem. My LCD originally is getting fuzzy on one vertical column on the left side of the screen that was about 2in wide. I thought the lcd was bad. I ordered a new replacement, put that on. Things seem to be fine. Minutes later, this new setup has a similar issue with another column of the screen just left of the center line of the screen about the same width.

I took apart the lcd and try to isolate the problem. plug the old lcd back in, jiggle the cables, pull the cable in and out. At the end, I got the no-backlight now.

I'm suspecting the cable. Hopefully, the motherboard is still in good shape.

Here is my theory, the video run through the left hinge. This area is very heat prone. Apple already replaced the hinges for us. The original one is a plastic one. It fails after a couple of years. The current alloy one is much sturdier. However, I believe the heat has cracked and caused internal damages to the cable. I suspect my original lcd was good. It was only the cable. However, since when cable shorting may cause other unintended and unforeseeable damages to connected component. My recommendation is to stop using the computer as soon as you see any display issue and replace the cable.

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