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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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Touch Not Working after Digitizer & FPC Connector Replacement

I’ve got an iPad Mini 3 WiFi (A1599) that belongs to a friend of mine that I'm working on. A few months back they dropped the iPad and it cracked the digitizer in the top right corner by the power button. They asked if I would repair it which I agreed to do. I replaced the digitizer and all was well.

A couple weeks ago they called and told me that the Digitizer was starting to lift in one of the corners. I told them no big deal and that I would re-tape the digitizer. This was partially my fault as I should have re-taped the replacement digitizer with my Tesa tape when I originally installed it, instead of leaving the garbage adhesive that came on the digitizer. But I despise working on iPads and just wanted to get it back together and off my workbench as quickly as possible. =p

So I got the iPad a couple days ago and disassembled so that I could remove and clean the old adhesive. I applied some new adhesive and proceeded to test fit the LCD & digitizer so that I could do a final test before final re-assembly. At this point I booted up the iPad and noticed that the Touch wasn't working. The Home Button and everything else was fine, but the digitizer was not responding to touch. So I attempted to re-seat the digitizer connecter when I noticed that a couple of the contacts were missing from the Digitizer FPC Connector. I replaced the FPC connector with a new one, booted up the iPad but still, No Touch! I swapped the digitizer with another one I had lying around but still, No Touch!. I also checked each leg on the FPC Connector with my multi-meter, and each one is making contact with the pads on the board, so I’ve ruled that out also.

I've never come across this issue before and was wondering what else I can check and/or replace to get the touch working again. Perhaps an IC or filter that maybe got shorted out when the FPC connector pins came loose?

Thanks in advance.

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The mini has a really poor quality Touch FPC connector and it’s quite normal for a few pins to lift when disconnecting the flex. That said, an FPC replacement is usually all that is needed. Continuity testing the pins is a good step but I also like to do a “push test”, meaning that I push on the leg (that is soldered to the pad) very lightly with a fine tip probe to see if there is any movement. If there is, you may have a weak connection and this could be causing issues.

I would also check the surrounding components as one may have been fully or partially dislodged. Finally, I would probe the pins in diode mode and compare to a known-good connector (the mini 3 digitizer FPC has a different configuration to than the mini 2 so you can’t use that).

Beyond that, it could be a Touch IC or Touch Power issue.

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The issue ended up being some of the legs not making good contact. The issue was when I was testing each leg with my multimeter, I was one lead to probe the connector terminal, and the lead to probe the pad on the board. But I realized that the clearance is so tight that I was inadvertently touching the leg instead of the pad on the board which was giving me false positive readings. So instead I ended up using Phoneboard to figure out where each leg goes on the board and ended up probing to those points instead of the solder pads. After I figured out which legs weren't making good contact, I ended up going over each leg one by one with my soldering iron and that ended up doing resolving the issue.


Good job!! Yes, it is really tight in and around those connectors which is why I always check the solidity of each joint.


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