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Do Macs Still have Diagnostic Sounds

Do Macs still have diagnostic sounds on boot up? We used to have sounds for different maladies. Bad RAM gave out a discordant sound, There were others that I've forgotten. I had a 6100 that was hit by lightning and I got the sound of screeching brakes and a car crash just before chips started popping of the motherboard. All I've seen lately are idiot lights.

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Mayer, I absolutely agree with you on the scoring system. I've read some pretty good questions that get absolutely no votes, then a basic question or answer will get voted up. I guess it all depends on who you are or who you know. :0)


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if I recall correctly, Apple stopped using the "chimes of death" diagnostic tones when the original iMac was introduced. I remember my old Mac II had those chimes

if you download the free Mactracker app, you can play the death chimes for any of the old model Macs that supported it, as well as each Mac's startup chime

EDIT - This Apple support document mentions the power-on self test multiple beep diagnostic tones introduced starting with models like the iMac, PowerMac G3 (Blue & White), PowerMac G4 (PCI graphics) and PowerBook G3 (FireWire) and PowerBook G3 (Bronze keyboard) models.

this seems to agree with the death chime tones I can find in Mactracker - i.e. only earlier models in Mactracker seem to have those old style chimes.

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Nope, now it's just the "Bong" There is however a loud obnoxious tone if there is bad ram(or no ram) But i have only seen this in my PowerMac G4 MDD (and a few macs before it), though it might do that in newer macs too, but i don't really want to remove all of the ram from my mac mini (the newest mac i own) to see if it does the same, but other than that, there isn't really anything to symblify a toasted mac except the light codes. Though i do remember some of the "Death Chimes" of the older macs, such as The Macintosh II** series, and The LC's, but there aren't really anything like that anymore.

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I'd like to wait a bit before accepting your answer to see if I can find out more. I assume the tones went out with the demise of system 9. That can't be right, it has to be built in before it looks for a system. I'd also like to ask if there are any guidelines on voting questions and/or answers up or down. I've seen some really stupid answers with an up vote that I felt should go down by three. I've also seen some very insightful and knowledgeable answers with no votes.


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