Replaced trackpad, can't select/drag

Since I had a cracked trackpad that was functioning fairly well (but damaged due to battery swelling), I went ahead and purchased iFixit’s trackpad repair kit since I was already pulling the battery to replace it.

Everything seemed to go well, and I left the trackpad adjustment screw about half-tightened before installing the new battery and closing up. The trackpad clicks fine, mouse moves, I can use the two-finger scrolling gestures, etc.

What I can’t do is select text: such as placing one finger on the trackpad to and then another finger to scroll and select text. I checked System Preferences (on OS 10.15.1) and only “Look up & data detectors” is unchecked in the trackpad menu. The rest are checked.

For an extra explainer, if the issue didn’t make sense, on the trackpad preferences screen in the “tracking speed” setting, I can’t move the slider with the trackpad.

Any ideas? Wondering if I didn’t receive a defective trackpad. I could select and scroll with my original trackpad. Not sure how to troubleshoot hardware considering I’ve already replaced the battery and did so with the new adhesive. Any ideas?

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