HD making really strange noises.

My MBP is 3 years old.

My hd is making strange noises. I defragmentated it 2 months ago but its still making a lot of noise. Is it possible its dying?

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Thanks for the tips. To check where the sound was coming from i placed my ear on top of the hd, left fan and right fan. And i realised the sound was coming from both fans. Is it wise to open my MBP to locate the excact source (or at least double check my diagnose?)


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Hi! What do the noises sound like, i.e. knocking, clicking, etc.? If it's making noises that are not sounds you've heard it make previously in its life, that's a good indication that the drive is dying. I would definitely back up your data if you haven't already, just to be safe.

I would also go into Disk Utility and run a check on the drive. Disk Utility is not always perfect and it may tell you the drive is fine even if it's not, but it may also confirm there is a problem.

Are you sure the noises are the drive, or could they be the fans? Drive noises tend to come from the front of the computer, and fan noise tends to be toward the back.

If it is the drive, in order to play it safe you may want to invest $100 in a new one. Using an iFixit guide you will find it's easy to replace, plus it will give you peace of mind, and the silver lining is that likely you'll be able to pick up a larger drive than the original, and possibly get better performance if you opt for a faster drive.

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The Western Digital Scorpio Black 320GIG is an excellent replacement drive. 7200 rpm makes for faster access.


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If its making enough noise for you to notice it I would make sure I had very good backups and would definitely consider replacing the drive. Ralph

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