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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Display not working after SSD swap...VFD001 and PFM006, no LED 4.

I swapped my HDD for an SSD and in the process of reconnecting the display cable (LVDS?), unbeknownst to me, I skewered the corner of the cable pins on the logic board end when fitting it in - one of the pins snapped off. Tried to fire it up, and it did, but no display (not a backlight issue) and a fast fan. Took it apart and that’s when I noticed the cable was bad…

Got a new cable from eBay, replaced it, still no 4th LED or display.. Ran diagnostics and get vfd001 and pfm006. External monitor works fine. The fan runs fast, the system is sluggish, and the CPU runs at 70% with a high kernel rate of 200-300% (I don’t know WHAT that means, I just know how to find the stuff in the activity monitor and google…). I saw one post about bypassing the SMC to kick the kernel issue (unplug from wall, press power for 10seconds, plug in, and then press power again), which it worked and everything was SSD fast (at least something was working!) but of course the fan was going even faster then and still no display (only external works).

From what I can tell, there are no bad fuses/connections on either side of the board.

Are there any other SMC reset tricks or ways to know if the actual SMC chip is bad?

Thanks for any possible insights!

EDIT: Tested 3 new lvds cables and no change. I’m leaning towards a bad SMC chip or resistor somewhere that I can’t see.

Update (01/28/2020)

Here is a snapshot of the stat sensors that I realized I could get and possibly relate to an issue on the board. Notice that there are multiple sensors with no reading (including the LCD one…). Could anyone tell me where each of these are to confirm connection/look closer at?

-BLC Proximity

-LCD (I know this is the one on the back of the LCD near the LVDS cable)

-Logic board DIMM Local Board

- Logic board proximity

-SO-DIMM Proximity

-Timing Controller

I see the GPU has no power consumption listed, it’s just 0.00…that can’t be good for this issue, can it? Or does it only process if it’s actually got a place to send power (e.g., a properly connected display?)

Block Image

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The other month I took the whole thing apart and looked everything over and still saw now burnt resistors or poor connections. Does anyone have insight on if an SMC can go bad without burning/melting? Those are the only images I've seen when they are bad, so I would think it'd be clearly visible if it were an issue. I checked the board on the LCD panel and everything is clean there too.

So now my next question: If the LCD were bad (potentially the VFD001 code), could that cause the SMC to be acting up (PFM006), or are they unrelated?


Did you ever fix this? I am having the exact same issue. Thanks! No internal video, high fan, and throttled CPU after replacing HDD


@Cory Holloway

No, I finally just sold it for parts the other week. I hated doing that as I think it must've been some solder point or some small fix, but I didn't have the proper magnification or soldering tools to dig anymore on it and I wasted too much time trying to resolve it!



%#*@. Thanks, man. Yeah, I hate it. Just doesn't make sense. Unplugged two cables, swapped drive, replugged in cables. No reason for mass destruction lol. With the bent LVDS cable, i think it has to be the receiving port on the logic board, but don't know of anyone in my area that would be able to fix just the port and being a 2013, probably not worth the money to replace the entire logic board. Was planning to get a couple more years out of it.


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I’d bite the bullet and try another display. They do go out. First rule before messing with the logic board is to use “known good working parts” This has been a life saver when I’m pulling my hair out. Find a display with a good return policy on whatever site you use and do that FIRST!

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I just updated with some pics of the stat readout for sensors and there are multiple not reading a temp. I see the LCD one is not reading, but I don't think that'd be the cause of I'm curious about your thoughts as to if some of those sensors may indicate a failed display or am I probably looping back to the logic board for issues now? The idea of spending $150 on a new display to try it out but may get "shorted" (if there are deeper issues) is a little unnerving to me.

Thank you for any further insight!


I tried a new LCD. No changes. I made sure to try SMC, NVRAM and PRAM resets too. I was hopeful that might be the issue after reevaluating the board and still not seeing anything visibly wrong.


If you have a microscope I’d check to see if the tiny “feet” (pins) on the LVDS connector on the logic board are all touching (soldered in place) If you have a good solder iron and flux just touch each of the feet, with no added solder, just to make sure they are actually making contact. One might be pulled up from the incident. You might not need a microscope for that even some magnifying glasses will do. Just be sure not to drag the soldering tip and create a bridge of solder on the pins. That would be bad. I’ve knocked of tiny complements when fixing stuff so this could be a case where if it was enough force to bend the connector it might have unseated the solder on the display connector on the board.


I’m just re-reading this and I’m curious if you could post a pic of the display connector on the logic board so we can rule out damage to that!


@iheartmacs sorry for the delay, but thank you for the input. I never got a notification of your reply. I looked around that area a lot, no magnifying glass though, and never saw anything out of the ordinary. I feel like it MUST have been related to that though...I actually finally sold it the other week for parts.


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Same problem here, problem with screen fell to the table afert change hdd to ssd, I interested on works without original screen, only with external monitor, is possible disable screen?


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Hi, that's a bummer. Yes you can disable the screen by just not plugging in the connector. I'd also check out 3rd party repair near you or ebay for used screens. It seems that you know how to take it off so I'm sure you can put one on.


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