Engine , backfires and starts after many tries then runs well

I have a 1995 Club Car golf cart.

It back fires when starting. Sometimes out the exhaust and other times back through the carb. It may start after a few tries or it can take several minutes. When it runs it runs great high and low speeds. As soon as I stop, the whole scenario starts again.

So far I have:

Replaced the fuel, the fuel filter, the fuel lines, the fuel pump, the ignitor, the spark plug the RPM limiter and the battery.

I have checked

Compression (150), the coil resistance (primary and secondary), the gap between the magnet and ignition coil core, (,012) the spark plug gap (.026), spark (very good) and the engine kill wiring.

Ive taken the plug out after it cranks for a while and it is dry. Ive taken the exhaust off and cranked. At times you can see atomized fuel coming out of the manifold opening. I’ve tried starting fluid. Doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

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rjblake.1059 do you know of hand what engine your cart has? The starter fluid does not work when it is acting up or when does it not work?


Pretty sure its a Kawasaki. I’m away from the cart location right now. Will verify later today.

The starting fluid doesn’t work anytime.

It is very very unusual for the engine to start on the first attempt. (Probably 1 out of 30 or 40 times).

It acts like there is no spark or no fuel . The spark is good though and I can see atomized fuel puffing out the exhaust manifold when I remove the muffler assembly.

I have literally driven the cart for a few miles around a golf course and as long as I don’t stop the engine it runs like any other cart. No misses. No backfires. Once I stop, it could take 10 minutes to finally get it started. Does the same thing starting cold or hot.


If you are sure you have spark everytime then I would be looking at a loose item affecting timing, is the spark happening at the correct moment. When I hear CARB, I also tend to thing CARB problems. It seems you have several carts, time to start swapping parts if you dont have good test tools. How about bad gas in this unit?


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