No audio from iPod, replacement ribbon does not solve

Hi, my iPod video does not produce audio from the headphone jack. I switched the jack with one that I know works fine and still the iPod produces no audio. What do you think the problem could be, and how can it be fixed? I did try to gently apply pressure to chips on the board but I still had no sound.

I would prefer to repair the logic board, should that be the problem, rather than replacing it.


Nevermind, applying pressure to the chip in the middle DOES make it produce audio. Perhaps I should invest in a heatgun...

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Take a look on here and see if that answer might help you. Why is no sound coming out of the headphone jack or dock?


It is very difficult to produce audio, but I did have it going briefly. What is the easiest way to reflow with the lowest chance of causing damage? I have: a hair dryer, soldering iron, and an oven. Thank you.


"try what warnergt did on it did work for me twice. Your hairdryer would probably not produce enough heat, your soldering iron is not a good tool for reflow. If you pack the parts that do not need to reflow in some heat shielding the oven "might" work. Good Luck


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