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Left channel on headphones not working

My iPod recently started only playing audio out of the right channel of my headphones, for no apparent reason. Previously it had been known to not play audio at all, though I think that may have been due to cold when trying to use it, as the problem subsided.

I purchased a new jack and hold button part here in the UK, as well as new screen (since that had lighting issues) and front panel and radial button, and have performed the replacement following the instructions on this site without any issues.

However, the left channel still fails via the headphone jack.

When playing back via a docking station, there is audio from both channels, which would lead me to suspect that the logic board is fine (though ISTBC).

I have tested this both with Apple headphones and my own set which I know to work on both channels, and neither produce positive results.

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I would then guess that the logic board of your iPod is unfortunately damaged in some way. I do not believe that the logic board has problems with processing audio, I believe it has a problem with outputting it to the headphone jack. The audio may come through the dock connector perfectly because it is a completely different port controlled by completely different parts. But, the board may have something going on when it tries to output audio to the headphones.

Have you checked the connection of the headphone jack to the logic board? A partial disconnection can cause issues. If you go back in, you might consider taking a look around the headphone jack connector on the logic board. See if you notice any water damaged/charred parts.

Hope that helps a little. Sorry it's not a solution. :/ You've done a great job of ruling out the prime suspects though. If it wasn't the headphone jack, it could have either been the headphones or the logic board.

In this case, I suspect the logic board.

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Yeah, it's looking that way. Thanks for your reply. I'm probably going to take it apart again, make absolutely sure that I've connected everything correctly, and that there are no bad contacts, and if still failing, think about swapping out the logic board. Sadly that does take things a bit over the budget that I had set out for the repair project, but I'll sleep on it and see. Thanks again. :)


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Okay. I wont use profanity (even with asterisks)?

Lets see how many posts we get...



replace it by buying a new one! vent your frustration here!

What goes around, comes around, oldturkey03...

If you think its funny or acceptable to be: a monopoly, to mislead, or scam people (like

APPLE does, or the idiots/saboteurs who post ignorant/ridiculous HOW-TOs), then one day

it will hit you 10 fold!

If you think that what I listed was not FACTUAL then you have no idea what you are talking

about. That is evident and factual. I think any other technically skilled people will back me

up, if they ever come across this post. And I'm not talking about S0ck-Puppets.

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What people don't know is that APPLE products aren't PERFECT as they try to market them to be. I love my HTC Android because it works and I can take it apart with a screwdriver.

APPLE products are designed to be extremely difficult to open and repair by the consumer or repair shops. Almost all their portable products will have to get bent and/or scratched to get them open.

What people don't know is that the ONLINE GUIDES with all the rave reviews... are. One **** tells you to use a putty knife to separate the battery.. from the case or board.. etc..

Nowhere do you see where the *** tells you to disconnect the battery first.

Nowhere does he tell you that in the process of opening up your device, by prying it with some tool... that it will probably damage it even more, if not burn-out/Break the Circuit board or its components. Other than scratching it up everywhere..

When your iPod doesn't play out of one side.. but does on the other; or some times plays the song, but you hear nothing.. (while you know for a fact your headphones work..) it can be several things:

1. The CASE is shorting out the board or a component.

2. A component lost its connection:

a.) A cold solder Joint

b.) A component blew out

c.) A component fell off its place especially after impact.

d.) the Head phone jack has lint in it.

e.) the headphone jack has a broken contact.

f.) the Solder tabs on the Head Phone Jack needs re-soldering.

g.) the cold solder joint on BGA CPU. (Time to buy a new iPod or better, an Android)

3. The Audio Amp circuit (or section of the CPU) is burnt out.

4. Water damage or dried gunk, shorting out solder joints/Contacts...

5. A99LE sucks (sorry Steve); or at least its Designers/MFGs do.

If you know for a fact, that you know what you are doing and have experience... You might be surprised to find that removing the case and keeping it removed, fixes the problem. Naturally, you're not going to walk around with an open iPod. But at least you know the Case is the culprit. That's one of the reasons I say it sucks.

Rule #1: Don't short out the board with your fancy design.

What would it cost Apple to cover the test points and Tape/Epoxy the exposed areas?

Back up your stuff often!

Don't want to mess with it? I don't blame you.

Bring it to [URL|].

DO NOT WATCH THOSE **** KIDS ON YOUTUBE or any other site telling you to open your APPLE (or any other portable) device..!


Good Luck!

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I guess you had to voice your opinion with profanity and not a lot of facts.


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