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Battery + keyboard won't work after teardown


I spilled just a bit of liquid on the side of my macbbok.

Some keys on the right of the keyboard wasn't working.

My brother and his buddy's always fixed stuff, so he claimed he could fixed it just cleaning the keyboard.

He teared it down, clean the upper case with dry air and some screen cleaner and put it back together.

Now, the computer start so I havn't killed him, but the keyboard doesn't work at all and the battery won't charge :(.

The battery was charging before.

He tried to place the keyboard ribbon again and it say it is in the right position or the Mac wouldn't start.

True ?

SO ... do I kill him anyway (or at tleast make him pay for some stuff).

What can I do ?

It is worse than before ... I don't really want him to touch it again unless somebody on this site with the knowledge tell me what to do ?

I miss my mac ....

help, many thanks,


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Just—whatever you do, don't kill your brother. We don't want a post on iFixit titled "I'm stuck in jail for homicide. How do I get out?" Haha. jk :)


Before you give up on it please try this ifixit cleanup guide first. You would be surprised at how units can be brought back from the dead at times. If it fails all it cost you is a little time. Good luck.

Electronics Water Damage


Thanks a lot for your answers !!!

Me and my brother, that is dealing with that, went to a shop.

The person there said he can fix it for 250$ changing the keyboard case. Will it fix also the problem from the battery not charging ? I don't know ... Guess I will try that.

Anyway, again, thanks for your answers.



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It would not surprise me if your MacBook's logic board is suffering from the liquid damage you caused.

I would not blame your brother for the "worsening" damage on your MacBook. Liquid damage causes many different problems initially, and after a while they usually always get worse.

Your brother did the right thing by trying to clean it out. That can sometimes help. The problem, however, is that all of the logic board parts that were hit by the liquid have been permanently damaged and chances are, they slowly decayed after the liquid hit them. Rust and liquid residue are usual after a liquid spill.

If I were you, I would check the keyboard connection one more time to see that it is indeed seated properly. The MacBook can turn on if the cable is only partially plugged in. There are slim chances, but it is possible.

Either way, I wouldn't guarantee that your logic board will continue to work for much longer. You'll probably see its problems worsen even further over time and one day, it probably won't turn on at all.

Sorry about your accident. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it but replace the logic board or get it repaired by a trustworthy source. There are people out there who do that sort of thing.


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Hello Tommy,

Thanks for your answer, even that is not what I wanted to read ...

So there is no other solution than buying a new logic board ? So better buy a new laptop ...

I will try to look for somebody that can try to fix it.

Thanks again for your time, you are sweet.



It's my pleasure to help! :) And I'm sorry for bad news, but liquid damage is a really bad problem. I wish you luck in the way of replacing/repairing your MacBook. If you happen to find a new logic board on eBay for a decent price, you could replace your old one. But, it might just be easier to get a new computer. I would look at Apple's Refurbished Macs for excellent discounts.


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Try just replacing the Keyboard. At the Apple Store when they get water on a Mac or something and its only on the Keyboard they only replace the Keyboard because the way the Mac is built. On PC the computer is basically broken after that. On a Mac it isnt. You can also take a it to place called Mac Medics. They fix all Apple products and it does cost something but hey, they will look at it for 20 bucks then its 10 bucks and hour for them to fix it. If it takes and hour and they have to replace the keyboard then its just about 50 to 60 bucks. Its worth if then not having your Mac.

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