Replace Earspeaker without replacing screen

Hi there,

My ear-speaker is not working well, can I replace the ear-speaker without replacing the whole screen ?

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Teardown

See Step 11 of the teardown to see the removal of the headphone jack. Looks like it would be pretty straight forward to replace.


Is it just quiet? Sometimes just brushing the speaker filter which is at the top of the screen will fix the problem if there is blockage build up of foreign material.


@benjamen50 yes, it's quiet but it started after a little drop of water touched the speaker area


Have you tried using a soft bristle brush to clean the top speaker black grill mesh? This can be done without opening up the phone.


@benjamen50 to be honest, no, I haven't tried it because I didn't even thought that brushing the mesh might help.

When I'll come back home from work I will try and will reply if brushing the mesh fixed the problem.

Thank you :)


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