Lenovo miix 700-12ISK***Light when charging, screen wont turn on

I have tried everything I can think of short of sending it in for repairs. Just looking to see if theres any possible fixes? Or is it possible the screen is dead/burnt out? When i hold the power the light turns out and i can hold it again to get it back on. Tried holding power for 30 sec, tried volume+ then power together. Nothing.

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Specs say there is a micro HDMI out connector/port on that unit. Can't really tell from your comments if the computer actually boots up but if it is the screen itself causing the problem, you might be able to see what's going on initially at boot time by hooking it up to a hdmi monitor/tv. If you feel daring enough to open the computer, you might also want to try disconnecting any cable leading to the laptop's screen and then after try booting with hdmi monitor/tv.


Hi @austin97 ,

With the laptop turned on, can you hear or feel if the fan is running?

If so, try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to check if you can detect an image at all.

If you can then you have a backlight problem.

This could be either a fault in the power supply to the backlight on the motherboard (unlikely), a faulty cable or cable connection in the LVDS cable or a faulty panel


I dont hear any fans (or believe there are any) but no backlighting issue from what i can tell. Will try microhd and check back


Hi @austin97 ,

You're right - no fans. Apologies.

here's a link to the service manual if you need to open it up.


Thanks. I opened it up and all of the connections are tight and no visible damage or obvious signs of electrical failure. Thinking either the screen or the connections are blown though. Waiting to try with the micro hdmi


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