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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Water Damage, MacBook won't charge (PPP007)

Spilled about half a cup of cold water over my macbook while it was charging, with most damage done to the charging port. I removed the power adapter, dumped it upside down immediately, shut down and let it rest for about 8 hours.

After that, the Macbook is able to run smoothly, no display problems, all keyboards, USB + earpiece plug work except the charging port. I’ve only noticed it when I went to plug the power in to charge but it won't detect that it is plugged in. I’ve also checked and there’s no issue with the power adapter. Diagnostic test only gave a REF PPP007. As of now, the Mac has ran out of battery.

I have yet to open the Mac but as of now I suspect the IO board is damaged. Can replacing the IO board fix the issue?

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I’d add to @propman a more detailed guide relevant to Macs specifically. Unless you disassemble and clean your board it’s useless to replace parts as problems down the road are more or less granted. Once everything has been properly cleaned, reassess damage. Replacing the I/O board and relevant cable would be the next step, but it just might solve the issue as well as it may not, it’s like throwing dices without testing.

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

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not sure why you are referencing my nick and therfore adding to my mailbox but there is no way in h e double hockey sticks I would ever buy an Apple product. As far as I am concerned, the only definitive thing about them is they are way overpriced pieces of junk. Others mileage may vary on this contentious topic, but as Rhett Butler and I wouldn't be suprised if Louis Rossmann has stated "Frankly dear I don't give a %#*@." :-)

Edit: lol now that is cute. Ifixit auto mod bot changed the mild expletive famous for being said in the classic movie "Gone With The Wind" into something that most participants will automatically change in their mind to a much more stronger word. Sometimes ya just can't win no matter what ya do. LOL


@propman I've referenced your nickname as a matter of courtesy only, since you had commented on the matter. I'm not gonna enter a fanboy quarrel about Apple hardware being a piece of junk, since I'm not a fanboy, that can be easily spotted from many of my answers/comments.

What I find about Apple hardware is similar to my view about democracy: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." I appreciate Mac Os more than any Windows Os, that just gives me headaches whenever I'm forced to use it. That said, I believe today's Apple worst enemy is its management, the path to greed and evil practices to "maximize" profits is stronger than ever before and I consider it a loosers approach in the long run and it's starting showing its results. Probably these people forgot about Apple in the 90s and don't even consider Nokia history as worth studying, but the higher you rise the harder you fall, history is full of this.

A bot is a bot, don't take it personally :P


@arbaman bot has nothing to do with my response. if you reference my nick with the ampersand then that comment gets directed to me in my inbox. In your response to the OP there was no need to include the ampersand. Participants can do the curtsy thing and it will be appreciated (and yes, here too) but quite honestly I don't want to have to scroll through my inbox having to read and delete and waste time and resources that don't directly address some topic that I am involved in. Like this scenario for example. Thanks :-)


@propman As I tried to explain, I just did it as a matter of courtesy; getting familiar with ways of a forum is never a bad idea when participating. I'll avoid quoting you in the future if that bothers you, no problem :)


@arbaman I've noticed this user before and definitely not the friendliest of all new users. We'll keep monitoring how this develops.


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