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I Think I Broke my Audio Port on my Desktop. What can I do About It?

Recently, I decided to replace my two-year-old headphones with a new pair, but the cord was shorter than I was used to, to where standing up or turning my chair around could tug on it. I’ve had to replace the pair once because of the audio jack ripping off, but then I was good at not doing it anymore after that. That is, until just now . . . and it’s worse than before.

The audio jack was left in tact this time, but the plastic cylinder part of the audio port where the jack enters broke in half, and the piece is no where to be seen. Now it’s unusable, and I am under the assumption that the metal pieces inside were also damaged, since the it looks like a metal piece came out with the chipped piece.

What advice do you have for me on what to do? Potentially, I may still have a warranty on it if that’s the best choice of action, though I can’t check that the moment of posting this. If not, how do I approach on fixing it?

The desktop I’m using is a build from CyberPowerPC, (If any additional information is needed, I will post it).

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If I understand correctly, the auxiliary input for your computer broke off, and your headphones were undamaged. I don't think your warranty would cover that (as it is user error, but I may be wrong so check). If your item is not covered by warranty then I would suggest opening the computer, and better assessing the damage. But if all that is wrong is the port is broken off, and there is no damage to any boards in the computer, you or a repair shop could easily solder a new one on. You could find the part online, theyre very cheap. Another option (and probably the easier option if you can find the part) is to open the computer and if the auxiliary port you broke is on a seperate board, you could find a new board online and install it.

I would say the worst case scenario is you would have to use a usb audio solution. If thats what you want to go with this:

Its 10 bucks and would solve your issue.

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With what you’ve suggested, I think I should now contact a shop to ask for their opinion on it (as they would be experts in what is damaged), and then probably use the $10.00 alternative until I can get it repaired. Thank you.


Make sure you set your default sound device to the usb audio card. Its really simple. Just search "how to set default audio device windows 10" or whichever version of windows you are using.


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Is the audio jack on the motherboard, on a sound card or on the case?

If on the motherboard what is the make and model number of the board?

Although if it is on the board there's a fair chance that it is hard mounted onto the board and it may not be so easy to replace. The same if it is on a sound card.

If it is in the case it may be easier to by a new audio/usb panel for the case and connect it to the motherboard.

As to warranty, even if the computer still has a valid warranty left on it, the warranty may be denied as it may be deemed as "user abuse" (the usual term for damage by the user and not a manufacturing fault) and it will be rejected as a warranty repair.

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I see. I suppose with a part Nick Marshall provided and the fact that a warranty won't cut it, I figure I may as well go with that until I plan on upgrading my PC or something along those lines. Thank you.


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