Black Flickering/Glitching in certain games: BO4, NBA 2K18 and Live 19

I've been experiencing black flickering glitches on 3 certain games after transferring games from 1 PS4 to another PS4. The games which I have been experiencing it in are:

- NBA Live 19 (Only on cutscenes and on the menu and only on the players arms)

- Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 (On Split Screen mode only. Never on single player)

- NBA 2K18 (On cutscenes only)

I've already contacted PlayStation Support and we've tried several things. These are all that we've attempted:

- Rebuilding the System Database

- Tried a new HDMI Cable

- Tired it on another TV

- Tried on another account

- Uninstalled and Reinstalled all the games

- System Reset (Reinstalled the whole PlayStation Software)

PlayStation Support said they've never had this type of issue before and I'm hoping that someone else has on this forum and has fixed it. As the flickering ONLY happens on certain parts of the games (as mentioned before). If you've experienced this before or have any ideas. Please don't hesitate to reply as anything at this point will help and it's very highly appreciated. If you'd like to see pictures from any of the games with the issue, just give me your email and I'll send it to you.

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I had similar issues with HDMI cables, but I can see you changed yours and it didn't do anything... Maybe some contact on PS4 HDMI port is bent?


That's what I was thinking. Could it also be because there is dust or dirt in the port? I cleaned the port a bit but maybe there is stuff deeper in the port. I've had issues with ports being dirty and not working very well. Such as, there was dust and dirt in my phone charging port and it would only work when it was placed EXACTLY in the right position. And any millimetre to the left or the right it would stop charging. It drove me insane and I searched up online about the issue and apparently it was due to dirt getting in the port. So I cleaned it and it worked a million times better. So it might be the same issue with this. Do you have any tips on how to clean the port? Also was your issue similar to mine and when you fixed the port (unbent it or cleaned it). Did the issue disappear?


@Matthew NILSSON In my case it was the bent pin needles on HDMI cable, so I just got the new one and it worked. It had flickering but usually global, not only on certain parts of graphic. But then again, any sort of gremlins might cause this. So if you suspect HDMI connector, cotton swab and rubbing alcohol will do wonders. Then it can also be some loose contact within the port (if you are skilled at soldering you can try replacing it, but I never tried it). Lastly it might be some damage within the graphic chip, just like when RAM has a bad chip or sector that can cause corruption, same with VRAM - one bad memory sector can cause something like you are describing. Unfortunately in that case I cannot give you a solid suggestion on how to fix it, but I would try reflowing...


HDMI port replacements on consoles require a really strong hot air gun (or to be more accurate a good hot air rework station).

I use 480°C heat to remove the HDMI port, takes about a good minute or two depending on how well your hot air rework station is. The bad part is if small SMD components fall off near the HDMI port have to harvest from a donor PS4 board most of the time

Yeah I was thinking APU / VRAM fault. VRAM not really fixable but for APU can be fixed with proper reflow (sometimes the APU is just plain faulty and a reflow wont fix).


@matt88 @benjamen50 Well I'm not super good with stuff that requires anything to do with the chip or soldering. So I'll just clean the HDMI with some rubbing alcohol and see how it does. Very much hoping that fixes everything. If not, I'll contact PlayStation support and see if they have any ideas either (regarding with the HDMI port being faulty). I'll update you with everything on the cleaning of the HDMI port and with PlayStation Support. Also I'm very thankful for you guys taking time out of your day to help me with my PS4.


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