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Keys have a different response after water spill

Hello everybody. I have this problem on my 1278 macbook. My wife let some water with detergent drops felt onto the trackpad (I am not sure if the keyboard received also), so we cleaned. At that time the trackpad was not working well. We turned off, cleaned with alcohol, turned on and started to work all right. The next day, I used for a while, but after some time, everytime I clicked with the trackpad, the computer did as I was clicking the secondary button (I was not). I restarted and when I wanted to enter my password I realized that the keyboard didn't work as it is supposed to do, I mean, most of the keys were not responding but you could hear a beep, the enter was not an enter anymore (it was typing something in the password box), you could turn on/off the sound with the "P" instead of F10, sometimes the light from the capslock was not turning on, etc. I turned it off and on several times, and after some time, it started to work again. I was using it perfectly, but then, the trackpad started again to do me the secondary click, and I tested the keyboard, and now it was doing again the same thing, the enter was not an enter, etc like before. So I realized that the problem is only one, but affects me both the keyboard and the trackpad. For a couple of days, the problem was intermittent, I could start using the computer, but after some minutes, the problem came again. Lately, the problem is not intermittent anymore, cannot use the keyboard of the mac but I can use the computer using an USB keyboard and a mouse, so I could probe that the rest of the computer is working fine. Now I searched and read all of the tickets of water spills of the A1278, I saw the uppercase replacement guide, but I live in Argentina, and getting the parts take long time and extra money, so I would like to be sure before ordering. My questions are:

Should I replace the trackpad AND the keyboard? The new uppercase with the backlight does not have the trackpad, and the old one without the backlight is not possible to order anymore.

Is there any chance that the problem is only in the trackpad, and after is replaced the keyboard will start to work properly? The guide for replacing the upperpart looks very difficult, so if I can avoid it, it would be better.

What do you recommend me to do?

And the last one, do you ship to Argentina?

Thank you for your help!

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An UPDATE for my question, I connected v ia BT a magic mouse and it gives me the secondaryclick problem!!! Could this mean that the problem is in the logic board??? Please help!


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First of all, follow the liquid spill guide. Disconnect it from any electricity (Power supply and batterie), take the machine apart and clean everything thoroughly. You might get the trackpad working with a good clean but your keyboard is most probably doomed. Moisture tends to creep into the sandwich foil where the actual miniswitches are located and i never found a way to take that apart for a cleanup.

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remacberlin: thank you for your answer, i will take it apart and clean it. I am using it with the Bluetooth keyboard (which works fine) and the magic mouse. The problem is that it does not matter if I use the trackpad, the magic mouse or an USB mouse, sometimes it switches the click of the mouse to just the secondary click, which is very annoying, because you can't continue working almost (you need for everything the first click) What could be the root cause of this problem? It is an intermittent problem. Thank you!


You can have all sorts of weird behaviour with moisture stll residing in the machine. Give a teardown and clean rather sooner than (too) late.


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