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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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Faint dark spot on iPad screen from interior "cable burn"

Hi everyone

I have a small faint dark spot on my iPad Air 2 screen. That was unfortunately caused by me accidentally tearing a tiny bit of a cable coating open. A cable like this:

Block Image

This open cable then burnt/heated up a small spot on the aluminium back panel of the LCD. Which now resulted into this faint dark, barely visible, spot on the screen.

I now covered that open spot up, so it won’t cause any more damage.

It’s hard to capture this on camera, but you can still see it.

Block Image

Block Image

My question now is simple:

Can I do anything to fix/smooth out this spot, so it disappears? Without having to replace the whole LCD?

Appreciate all the help, thanks in advance. :-)

New images:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Obviously u will notice it when the background is white but when it's got an image on or in use would u really even notice that?? If u did want to fix it though it would require a new screen that's if it doesn't just fade on its own... ps sorry what's "ligretto"???


Yes true, you can only notice it on a white background, and even then it's barely noticeable. but still, you'll notice it, in person better than on those photos. so yeah that's at least a good thing: if it can't be fixed it's not thaaat big of a deal.

and yeah, definitely not worth replacing the whole lcd over this.

hehehe... I see, on this picture it looks like drugs or something.

Ligtetto is just an old swiss or german card game, similar to UNO. :)


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The cable you refer to in the image is the WiFi antenna…there is no “voltage/current” going through this that could cause any damage as far as I’m aware. Is there a brun mark on the back of the LCD that corresponds to the black spot? You’re LCD problem may just be coincidental to the antenna issue.

It is rather hard to see the spot on the image. Normally, “pressure marks” are white, I can’t say I have ever seen a dark spot in the middle of the screen. Still, I would leave the screen laying only loosely on the frame to see if the spot goes away. Otherwise, leaving the screen on full intensity for a day or two might be beneficial.

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thank you for your quick response. Sorry, I should have been more specific: I know that the picture I posted is that of the WiFi antenna. I just meant it’s a cable similar to the WiFi one, cause I didn’t take a picture from the inside.

now I took pics. you can see how the corresponding open cable spot(which I already covered with a small piece of black tape) fits perfectly with the visible burn spot on the back of the lcd.

I tried to “clean” the burn spot at first, that’s why it’s smeared.

(see images in my post)

and I I know it is (luckily) hard to spot, but you can just about barely see it.

(see images in my post)

I already made sure that it’s not a pressure spot, cause the spot doesn’t go away when having the iPad/screen open, without anything putting pressure at that spot.

so knowing it’s not just a pressure spot, do you think there’s anything that can be done?


I dont think u can add images to comments... so u might have to edit ur original post


Your hypothesis certainly looks plausible. I never would have imagined that an antenna cable could do that. As for eliminating the black spot, other than to let the LCD on for a while, I can't think of anything else.


The heat caused from the short circuit probably melted a bit of the backlight film behind the display so I think that'll stay there forever without a screen replacement.


Thanks for all the helpful comments so far. I'm kinda new to repairing and replacing consumer electronic components.

I tore open the cable coating when I replaced the battery. Knew had to be careful, but was kinda hard to get the battery out with all the adhesive. I've seen that tiny tear on the cable, but thought it wouldn't be a big deal.

I was wrong unfortunately.

I think it happened like Ben says, and will stay there forever.

Well I already achieved more than I ever thought possible in iPad repairing. So I'll take that small loss after a long cumbersome journey of iPad repairing and call it a day.

Apart from this small blemish my iPad now works well again, and I learned a LOT.

So I'll keep this Air 2 as is for now, cause I'm gonna upgrade it soon anyway.

But thanks again for your help. :-)


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