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The DOSS SoundBox can be identified by its model number: DOSS SoundBox on the base between the feet of the speaker. Its a fourth generation bluetooth wireless audio player that was released in 2016.

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Why will my DOSS Soundbox will only play 1 song on my TF card?

I have a DOSS Soundbox that is 2 years old. It has been working fine, but last Friday, it stopped playing the TF card I had in it. It would only play one song and then shut off. I tried clearing and reformatting the card, but it still only plays one song and shuts off. I’ve tried playing it while it is plugged into a power source, but get the same results. Do you have any ideas on how I can get this corrected?

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Can you reset the DOSS Box back to factory settings and try that?


Hi @weeroyer ,

Did you copy the song files in the same order back onto the TF card after reformatting it?

If you did, perhaps the 2nd song in the list has a faulty file.

Can you skip forward (use the fast forward button) to a song past the first 2 and see how it performs then?

Are all the songs only in .mp3 or .wav format?


I'm afraid I don't know how to reset the Soundbox back to factory settings.

When I reloaded the TF card, I added several new songs. The songs are in a different order. The song it plays today is different than the song it played before I reloaded the card.


Where exactly is the reset button inside AUXIN(?)


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Hi @weeroyer ,

OK but what about the 2nd song, is it still the same one as before?

Did you try to skip forward as suggested?

According to the user manual there is a reset button inside the aux in (Line In?) socket. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page

Use a pin or a stiff wire (open paperclip perhaps) and gently insert the pin or wire until you feel the reset button.

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No, the second song is different. I've tried skipping, but it just shuts off instead of going to a different song.

I found the reset button and tried to push it. However, it didn't seem to make any difference. I don't know if I pushed it hard enough, but I tried.


Hi @weeroyer ,

If you can try connecting the speaker to a Bluetooth audio device e.g. mobile phone and see if it can then play a selection of songs.

This is just to see if the problem is related to using the TF card or just playing songs in general.

If it works OK when using BT the only suggestion then is to try another compatible (<32GB) TF card to eliminate the possibility that the problem is the TF card even though you have cleared and reformatted it (FAT32)

If it still fails when using a different TF card but not when using BT then there must be a firmware problem in the speaker associated with playing from the TF card.

searching online I haven't been able to find any download support for the speaker to see if reloading the firmware (if this is even possible) will resolve the problem.

You may have to contact DOSS and ask them.


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