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Samsung Smart TV set up to Comcast /xfinity cable box and DVD and VCR.

Just got new Samsung smart TV and am setting it up to xfinity cable box and DVD player and VHS player. Having trouble. Can hear TV but picture is black. Have a splitter box hooked up for dvd and VHS. Do I need this box? Could it be bad cable somewhere? Thank you

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Hi @loloann ,

What is the model number of the TV, the cable box and the make and model number of the DVD/VHS player?

How are you connecting between the cable box and the TV -cable box HDMI out to TV HDMI or cable box RF out - TV Rf In (coax)?

How are you connecting between the DVD player and the TV (is it combined player with VHS player or two individual devices?) - HDMI or component video (red/blue/green + red/white) or composite video (yellow/red/white)

How have you set it up?


Hi Jayeff, I followed advice from similar comment. Joseph Morales Felicia's directions to just start with TV and Cable Box. So I unhooked VCR and DVD, 2 separate units and started all over with his help. I was successful in getting the TV and Cable working. I quit for the night but tomorrow want to try hooking up DVD and VCR. Was using splutter box with yellow, red, white but want to do it right and not sure if I am. I'm working tonight so no access to makes, models. If I need further help can I comment on same post or do I need to ask a new question? Thanks


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Hi @loloann ,

Comment back here.

Do you need to use a splitter because the DVD and VCR only have composite video (yellow/red/white) outputs and the TV has only one composite input,or do they have other output options available as well (HDMI or component video)?

Component video = red/blue/green and red + white

red, blue, green are the video and the red + white are the audio

Composite video = yellow and red + white

yellow is the video and the red+ white is the audio

If the dvd has HDMI you can connect that into a 2nd hdmi port in the TV (if it has one) and then connect the VCR using composite video (Y/R/W) into the TV composite input (I'm assuming that it has one)

If the DVD doesn't have HDMI but has component video (R/B/G + R/W) you can connect that into the component input in the TV (if it has one) and then connect the VCR using composite video (Y/R/W) into the TV composite input.

If you can connect the DVD and VCR separately to the TV then all the better.

Then all you have to do is change the input by pressing the TV's remote control "input" button to go to the desired input rather than having to go to a splitter box to select either the DVD or the VCR as the input and then change the TV input selection as well.

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I haven't tried to connect them yet but will go by your instructions and let you know the outcome. Thank you so much


I have photos..need more help


Hi @loloann ,

Assuming you want to see photos on the TV, is this correct?

What is the model number of the TV and where are the photos located. e.g. USB stick, camera, phone etc?

If they are on a USB stick check if the TV has a USB input.

If so when you plug in the USB to the TV you may have to alter the TV "input" to USB and it should be able to access the photos.

If the TV has no USB input what are the make and model numbers of the DVD and VCR in case they may have a USB input that you can plug into?

If they are on a camera check if the camera has an "output" connection of some type that can connect into the TV if in doubt what is the make and model number of the camera/


That wasn't what I meant sorry

I can hear the DVD and VHS players working but no picture or audio. I must have something backwards. I'm going to try tomorrow again and see if I can find the problem. Thank You So Much for your help


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