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G600 Mouse Buttons don't work correctly anymore

The left button doesn’t work sometimes, but when it does there is a high chance that it ‘clicks’ two times, without me pressing that long or harder than normal

On the other hand the right-click (middle-button) sometimes doesn’t work at all or releases the dragged click for a splitsecond (I tested it in various FPS-Shooters.. scoping is !&&*)

I tried to search for a solution (like opening the mouse and maybe clean it etc.) but I was unable to find a solution that doesn’t break the mouse.

I’ve tried a mouse (not suitable for gaming) if the errors would still occur, but they seemed to be fixed.

How can I repair my mouse?

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Since there are different solutions present, I’ll just go shortly through the steps on how to fix your G600 (as I did it weeks after I asked this question). Please do not push or pull the plastic or anything on your mouse, because it might break and won’t fix the problem presented in this thread. Each step should be easiely done without to much force.

1. remove the patches below the mouse (I used a sharp knife and cut through the glue). Please note, that this process is possibly irreversible. Trying to glue the patches back on might only succeed with luck AND skill. But keep in mind, that you won’t notice the difference of missing patches to much, after a few days (I’ve tested both with a mousepad).

2. Undo the screws carefully (beneath the patches). The mouse has some connecting elements that are all powered via a cable from the mainboard, meaning you should remove the cables carefully and put them back on if you reassemble the mouse.

3. Use a soldering iron and remove the broken parts (This could take a few more tools to fixate the mouse). Please at least open a window while you do so. You can easily take parts from another spare-mouse to replace the parts, as most parts (that seem breakable) have a universal size. Additionally you can remove a lot of weight from the G600 if you want (there are weight pallets inside the mouse, this is a personal preference, you could even add some).

4. Undo step 2. Is you can/want also step 1.

I hope this summary helps a few people out there who still use this awesome mouse

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There are guides on Youtube showing you how to take the button apart and re-tension the spring. It’s extremely trcky, and kinda pointless, because the OMRON D2FC-F-7N microswitches that most mice use, are cheap. Look on EBAY. You probably won’t be able to buy just one. You’ll probably have to buy a pack of 5, but it costs less than a pint of beer.

Whatever you do, you’re going to have to take the mouse apart. The screws are usually hidden under the mouse skates, so you’ll need some spare skates too.

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Thank you for your super fast reply,

I've watched the video and I get the fixing part in the end, but the problem starts even befor that point. Unlike the mouse in the video the G600 has no screws, there is no way to open it but by force (and I dont want to destroy it)

Bending the top didn't help and other tutorials always use a knife to destroy the material. But there seems to be no way to put the mouse back together after that


Gabriel explained it: The screws are usually hidden under the mouse skates, so you’ll need some spare skates too.

But you can use old skates, they can be easily put back.


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For those finding this on google; My G600 did this and I fixed it by pulling really hard upwards on the left mouse button. It did not break. Then I just blew air hard inside. Be careful the plastic is sharp. That fixed it for me! Great because I love this mmo-style mouse.

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