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Why do I keep getting a TRAY 1 LOAD [TYPE][SIZE] error?

Per the Configuration Page printed directly from the Printer noting:

Default Paper Size: LETTER

Tray 1 (LETTER)

Tray 2 (LEGAL)

Tray 1 and Tray 2 are set to Plain and Letter and Tray 1 is set as Cassette instead of First in the Menu settings.

Both XP Pro32 and 7 Pro 32 drivers and properties all have Tray 2 set as Source and Letter and Plain.

I also have adjusted the Tray 2 Cassette length and width and setting so the SW601-603 are positioned to the correct setting. Seems either way… legal and letter are the same position settings to trigger those switches so I don’t think the PCB switches are the issues unless there is something else in the firmware on the machine or drivers.

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Unbeknownst to me and I am not sure if related… all other printing attempts have prompted to print from Tray 1 or the system thinks LEGAL size is in Tray 2 and winds up jamming last I tried due to feeding wrong I’m thinking maybe due to firmware on the printer or a sensor off since seems the firmware on the printer would know to measure the length based on time or something I’m guessing. I don’t know for sure exactly yet.

Thanks to an answer on Quora, I was motivated to try again and see if detects the LETTER size in Acrobat due to another software setting and maybe that will update the TRAY 2 to LETTER vs the current Configuration Status printout noting TRAY 2 [LEGAL] in firmware since there isn’t an option to set TRAY 2 to LETTER like is noted in the PAPER HANDLING.

The printer screen prompts after I select print to TRAY 1 LOAD PLAIN LETTER then I select the GO or VALUE button and the prompt USE PLAIN LEGAL INSTEAD? I press the SELECT button then and the page prints from TRAY 2 though a 41.3 ERROR UNEXPECTED PAPER SIZE and the prompt to LOAD TRAY 2 PLAIN LEGAL appears. If I select the minus side of the ITEM button a prompt appears noting EITHER RELOAD THE TRAY WITH-> where I can’t select to change anything. I can only clear out the JOB by pressing the CANCEL button.

If I press the GO button PROCESSING JOB FROM TRAY 2 is prompted and then I get a 13.1 PAPER JAM OPEN INPUT TRAYS error prompt.

Similar to previous USE PLAIN LEGAL INSTEAD message, I can’t select to change the TRAY 2 [SIZE] value to LETTER anywhere on the printer itself that I’ve found.

I did just try what was noted in regards to the Acrobat PRINTER SETUP where I found an A4 setting that I changed to LETTER and verified the PRINT settings were correct and that might have did it running through the above error prompts in Italics I noted above with no jams this time. I think that just reset the TRAY 2 [SIZE] value to [LETTER] now.

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I just printed the Configuration Page printout from the printer by pressing the MENU button until INFORMATION MENU appeared, then pressing the ITEM button negative side to PRINTER CONFIGURATION and pressing the SELECT button and verified the TRAY 2 [SIZE] value is [LETTER] now.

Thinking now I need to change the wiper in the toner cartridge since there is vertical streaking on the printout in the middle of the page from where the new PICKUP ROLLER is positioned… not sure if related.


For some background... I received the printer for free from an online Craigslist posting.

I was getting paper jams and 13.1 and 13.2 errors.

Wound up ordering the maintenance kit and had replaced the RG5-5281 Separation Pad & RG5-3718 Pickup Roller.


I also changed the two Pickup Rollers for Tray 2 on the cassette & above as well as removed the pickup roller shaft on the cassette that has a clutch that is magnetic with iron fillings inside that effect the friction and that is used to keep the pieces of paper under the being printed piece from being fed with that piece. That is what caused the 13.1/13.2 errors most likely first. Needed to tap some of the iron filings out a few times to get to rotate smooth.


My guess is the first user set Tray 2 to LEGAL since using LEGAL paper and not having the new Rollers with functional clutch installed to process a piece of paper that was LETTER with the feed rate timed correctly was causing the error. Plus having the Acrobat PRINTER SETUP set to A4 was causing the issue with Acrobat. I had all the Printers drivers set correctly… though that one setting in Acrobat as well as not running through a print operation to reset the Printer Firmware from LEGAL to LETTER via I’m guessing the sensors feed rate determining what is actually in Tray 2.


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