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LG 32LK450 Screen Flickering On and Off

I picked up a free LG 32LK450 off of Craigslist free listings that has a screen flickering issue. The TV Powers On and appears to be working OK when the screen can be seen and not flickered off for a second or two. I haven’t opened up… though figured I’d post a Question to see if anyone has a clear answer before I take apart and inspect the cables, boards and CCFL’s.

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Here is an example of a power cycle that is consistent the three times I’ve attempted:[br]


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Hey James,

I believe that the best thing to do is to open it up and check the wiring. A screen flickering issue seems like a loose wire or a bad solder joint to me.

Hope you get it fixed, thats a heck of a deal if you do!



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Hi Nolan,

Will do. Was wondering if anyone has experience with this make and model specifically since I haven't found much online relating to. I figure either a board is going bad, a loose cable or the CCFL's are going bad.

I'm going to power cycle a few more times and see if consistent in effect. I only power cycled once so far.

Yeah... you'd be amazed how many free TV's and other items I've picked up over the year for free off of Offerup, Letgo and Craigslist Free searches. Just have to be religious about searching and make contact with the listers. and the Goodwill Stores are great places to look for awesome deals too.

I'll keep everyone posted regarding the process and probably create a Repair Guide regarding like I have with some of the others when I determine what the issue is.



I just power cycled again two more times and looks consistent in timing whatever it's doing. I also used a flashlight to shine into the LCD to see if there is an image to check if the backlight is the issue which I suspected and looks like there is the images on the LCD regarding the LG Life is Good splash screen, current input device setting seen twice with a flicker in between and nothing connected No Signal rotating screen then goes black in general with no LED's on where is Red before Powering On.

So, I am thinking either backlight, backlight power supply or maybe the main board controlling the backlight. Not sure how this is going to look when I take apart... though some TV's backlight can be tested by just connecting the backlight inverter and power supply without the other boards.

I'll inspect the boards like you noted also once I open up. I was even thinking if is a CCFL issue... that I could hack in LED's and an LED power supply potentially to get operational.


I definitely have to look for more free tech, that sounds fantastic!

Yeah I haven't had any experience with this model but I looked at photos of the main board and it doesn't look to complicated. It also wouldn't surprise me if the CCFL's were going bad, Florescent tubes tend to flicker when they near the end of their life (as you know.)

Yes! please keep me posted, I would love to see what the issue is, a repair guide would be fantastic as well.

Have a great day!


I didn't see your second answer when I posted that, but my best bet would either be the CCFl's or the connections on the main board for sure!



I just posted a bad video in the comments section that for some reason my cell phone makes me sound like I'm slower and depressed sounding. :-) Anyhow... demonstrates what is happening.


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