Blank screen and external monitor

I work on an external monitor via the DisplayPort / Thunderbolt connector with the MBP closed most of the time.

Yesterday the monitor went blank whilst I was working.

I lifted the MBP lid expecting to see the Retina display still working but that was black too.

I also note that the Apple logo is not lit any more.

The MBP chimes and boots correctly to the point where I can log on to it remotely using screen sharing.

I have tried the two key combinations on boot that reset the firmware but that made no difference.

I’m unable to find any report on the web from anyone who has had both retina and external displays not working, although I will continue my search.

In the meantime, any ideas on which components may have failed and how to confirm that would be massively appreciated.



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Using a flashlight shine it through the Apple logo from the back. You should see the faint image of your desktop and its icons. Do you?


Hi Dan, thanks for the suggestion. I've tried shining a flashlight through the logo at the back but don't see anything at all - completely black.


Lets do one more test! Press and hold the T Key when you start your system. Do you see a Thunderbolt Icon on your screen?


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