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Tv started smoking and died, is it the power board?

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I have a Seiki SE55UY04 tv and it started smoking and shut off. I believe it's the power board, problem is there are no 890-PF0-5501 power boards available online. Is there another solution? Can I use a smaller tv board such as 890-PF0-5003?

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Hi @gaberath

I would suggest you to open up and take more pictures of it.

Let us have a look on it.


I put some pictures up


Hi @gaberath ,

You may be able to fix it yourself.

What are the markings on the component opposite R202 designation on the board? (can't see it to well). The one with the burn marks below it shown in the 1st picture above. Be careful not to rub them off with your fingers

It looks like a MOV surge suppressor. The markings will confirm what it is

Also CX101 which I think may be the fuse


Hi @gaberath

@jayeff mentioned some points which you can try looking at,

the MOV surge suppressor looks toasted.

get a multimeter to test on the CN101 area Fuse , Round One, T5A, 250V - check that it is not blown too


Hi @salmonjapan,

Again your eyes are better.

i can't even make out the CN101 designation on the board ;-)



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Hi @gaberath,

A power board even though it has nearly the same board number may not be compatible between two TVs.

The boards components may have different specifications as to what voltage and current and temperatures that they can handle and withstand.

Also it may be that there are subtle differences in the output wiring connections, which without schematics of both boards would be difficult to verify .

To be absolutely sure that there is no problem, the replacement board number has to be the same.

The only possible exception is if the board's Revision number (part of the board number - if it has a revision number included it will say REV. xxx) is higher than the one on the faulty board as usually this indicates that there has been corrections or improvements made to that particular board circuitry but will still allow it to work as a replacement for a board with an earlier Revision number.

As suggested above, test the fuse and provide the information about the MOV as requested and maybe the problem can be fixed by you.

The fuse and the MOV will probably cost less than $5 all up. All you need is a meter and a soldering iron ;-)

Update (02/24/2019)

Hi @gaberath ,


Here’s a link to a supplier of the MOV.

There are others. Just search for NTC 3D 15 to get results

Can’t make it out to well but if the fuse (CN101 - brown cylindrical component) has markings of T5A 250V then here’s a supplier for the fuse

There are others. Just search for T5A 250V through hole fuse to get results.

The suppliers shown above are just to give you an idea of the cost of the parts.

Measure the fuse with an Ohmmeter to check if it does need to be replaced before you buy a new one. If you haven’t got a DMM (digital multimeter) and a soldering iron and some tools (long nose pliers, solder etc), perhaps you know someone who does and who can do this for you ;-)

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Can't recognize my Samsung smart tv hub can you help me to reset



Try the method's shown in this link


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