Why has the volume disappeared on my television?

My television is on but there is no sound. I have tried the mute button, checked the sound bar and hit the volume up button on both the cable remote and the television remote and nothing seems to work.

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Hi @hhg78209 ,

What is the model number of the TV?

Have you tried the Volume buttons on the TV itself?

Does the Volume slider appear on the screen when you press the Vol. Up or Down?

How is the signal source connected to the TV, antenna input or input from a "box" of some sort via HDMI , Component cable etc?

Have you tried reverting the audio settings back to the TV speakers to prove whether the fault may lie in the TV external connection to the soundbar?

Has the TV got an earphone socket that you could plug into to check for audio?

Can you try connecting a different signal source, e.g. a DVD player and check if the audio is OK when using that?


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