Color in color mode stuck?

I bought a Hisense Smart TV “as is”. The seller told me the “color to color mode is stuck" and the picture shows for awhile, then changes colors, then black, and then back to picture again …and repeat. However when I google the issue under “color to color mode stuck" nothing pops up.

My question is, is there even a color to color mode that can be turned off or is this something to do with the LVDS cable/video board ? I'm willing to fix with some instruction…

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @incognegro918 ,

What is the model number of the TV?

Have you tried resetting the picture settings back to default settings?

Have you tried resetting the TV back to factory default?

(Both these reset settings should be in the menu areas).

Have you tried different signal input types to see if it occurs?

What have you tried?


The model number is 40H5B. I checked all buttons and tried menus but I cant do anything while its flashing solid colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, repeat). I did some research and found a button sequence using the remote which didn't seem to work, until I powered it on by hand on the side of the TV . It worked the last 3 days then it started again today, then worked for several minutes (I restored back to default settings), then jumped back to flashing colors, and hasn't went back to picture again.

Its stuck in the color test mode ?

How can I get it to stop or turn it off, to factory reset it ? And how do I factory reset it ?

Sorry for the late response, I don't get notifications until I come to the site.


Hi @incognegro918 ,

As I can't find a service manual for your model, I can only suggest that you contact Hisense (scroll to bottom of page) and ask how to exit service test, colour test mode that the TV is stuck in due to no action by you.

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OK I removed the panel yet again because it started doing the colors again...seems like when I remove the back casing and put it back on, it works.

Only this time I did a Factory Reset and went through the setup wizard and used "Home" instead of "Retail" we're back to the solid color flashing...what is going on here ?


Hi @incognegro918 ,

The only thing that comes to mind is that by removing/replacing the back cover something is being moved due to the actions of the cover removal.

With the power disconnected, remove the back cover and check all the cable connections between the boards etc to ensure that they are all inserted correctly and are securely connected


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